Guy Spier @LBS: Advocate Investing, Car Industry, Learning From Failure & More [VIDEOS]

Guy Spier spoke to students at London Business School (LBS) On June 21st 2017. Guy discussed about a variety of topics from investing to life advice. Embedded below are some video clips from the talk.


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20170621 - Guy Spier @ LBS : Building a Career Investing the Right Way

Themes for the next decade: Cannabis, 5G, and EVs

CannabisA lot changes in 10 years, and many changes are expected by the time 2030 rolls around. Some key themes have already emerged, and we expect them to continue to impact investing decisions. At the recent Morningstar conference, several panelists joined a discussion about several major themes for the next decade, including cannabis, 5G and Read More

20170621 - Spier @ LBS: Single Biggest Point to Advocate Investing.

20170621 - Spier @ LBS: Are you limiting your potential by not wanting to be better than someone else?

20170621 - Spier @ LBS: How do you feel about the move from ownership to 'loanership' with your investment in the car industry?

20170621 - Spier @ LBS: How do you identify the right environment to be part of and the right people to work with?

20170621 - Spier @ LBS: What process do you go through before believing that you are wrong?

20170621 - Spier @ LBS: How will your failures change you and help you move onto the future?

20170621 - Spier @ LBS: How would you like to be remembered?