Explosion Reported Outside FBI Building In Manhattan

At least one person may be injured after a report of an explosion outside the FBI building in lower Manhattan. Emergency personnel are currently investigating the report to determine the source of the explosion. Multiple witnesses in the area dialed 911 and reported that they saw smoke coming from the rear of the FBI building.

FBI Building Explosion
RichardBarboza / Pixabay

Smoke, explosion near FBI building in New York

According to reports from local media, the explosion was reported in downtown New York City at 26 Federal Plaza. The building at that address houses the FBI and some a recruiting office for the U.S. Army. The building also houses offices for the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Early reports suggest that the explosion happened when an FBI agent accidentally set off his own flash bang grenade in the underground garage. While speaking to local media, a federal officer called the incident “just a little accident.” An FBI spokesperson also confirmed that the incident does not seem to be terrorism-related.

Emergency personnel reportedly transported the FBI agent who accidentally set off his grenade to a local hospital. No other injuries were reported after the incident. According to local media, the agent suffered an injury to his hand.