Billionaire Stanley Druckenmiller: Investing, Economic Outlook And Inequality

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An interview and Q&A with billionaire investor and founder of Duquesne Capital, Stanley Druckenmiller. In this interview Stanley discusses stocks he likes and why. Stanley also explains what he thinks is going to happen over the long term in the markets. Stanley finishes by talking about inequality and how the FED has affected it. Books on Stanley Druckenmiller’s investing technique are located at the bottom of the description.

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Video Segments:

0:00 Introduction

1:15 How is it (FED) going to end?

5:01 Why is Larry Summers so wrong?

6:59 Are we in a bubble?

7:25 How do investors deal with short termism?

8:50 What areas are you playing in?

9:45 Why are you shorting the Euro?

11:50 A bear market has begun?

12:49 Thoughts on IBM and Amazon?

15:07 Why do you love Amazon stock?

16:19 Thoughts on Netflix?

16:53 The Fed has exacerbated inequality?

18:26 Your major inequality argument?

22:20 Start of Q&A

22:43 What asset classes does a smart investor expose themselves to in all this tragedy


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