White iPhone 8 Concept Shown Off By Designer Martin Hajek

White iPhone 8 Concept Shown Off By Designer Martin Hajek
<em>Images Via <a href="http://www.martinhajek.com/iphone-8-leak-in-white/" target="_blank">Martin Hajek</a></em>

With Apple and its ever-increasing iPhone product line dominating the tech press, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the company can do no wrong. However, the fact that so much importance is being placed on this year’s model only goes to show the problems Apple has had. For the first time last year, it saw iPhone sales decline, which means this year’s tenth-anniversary model must be great. So with that in mind, we’re checking out a gorgeous-looking white iPhone 8 concept. It was created by Martin Hajek, and it shows how he feels Apple should approach design.

White iPhone 8 concept

When it comes to iPhone concepts, there are only a few designers who regularly pop up. One of them is Martin Hajek, whose white iPhone 8 concept is shown in the images you see in this article. He has once again put his hand into what some refer to as “the murky waters” and has rendered something beautiful.

If you have been keeping up with the iPhone 8 rumor mill, you will probably have noticed a lack of colors being mentioned. That’s because without a firm yes or no on the handset’s existence, rumor-mongers prefer to talk about specs and features. After all, they are what draw the attention of readers and in turn create conversation. Hajek, as a designer, focuses on design rather than specs, and he has created another set of iPhone renderings. This time, it’s a white iPhone 8 concept which, for the most part, seems to convey all of the latest rumors and leaks believably.

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Furthermore, while many designers prefer to stick to a black iPhone 8 concept, Hajek, has gone one step further. He’s done both black and white, and as always, they are amazing. It’s surprising how often his work is picked up and given recognition, which shows how highly he is regarded.

white iPhone 8 concept compared
Image Source: Martin Hajek

What can we see?

Above, we have placed the white iPhone 8 concept above its black counterpart. As such, you can see that Hajek has included much of what is expected from Apple. This includes a rear dual-lens camera setup, a less-likely fingerprint sensor/Home button combination, and that highly sought-after bezel-less design, which both Apple and Samsung are searching for. He has also included a stainless steel band along the edge-to-edge front panel, which separates the front from the back perfectly.

Additionally, there’s a cut-out in the front bezel for a camera and sensors, and finally, you can see that the phones are running iOS 11.

Which do you prefer?

While the black concept is as you would expect it to look, we think the white iPhone 8 concept offers cleaner, sharper edges. While it does make the the front sensors more visible, we feel that’s a small price to pay. After all, we don’t want the iPhone to look anything even remotely like its predecessors. In jet black or even matte black, we think it still looks great, but also like any other high-end handset. In white, it has a classy edge that may attract new people to Apple or convince those who have been holding off on upgrading to shell out the cash to buy one.

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