How To Find Free Wi-Fi Hotspots With Facebook

How To Find Free Wi-Fi Hotspots With Facebook
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Whether you’re a traveler or just someone who always pushes their data plan to the brink; free Wi-Fi hotspots are like finding an oasis in the desert. However, knowing where to find that sweet, sweet free Wi-Fi was always a bit of a guessing game. That is, until Facebook launched their new feature. Now, using their app, you can find free Wi-Fi hotspots with Facebook.

Once you know how to use the new feature, it’s easy to utilize. With that said, for some reason Facebook buried their Wi-Fi finding tech deep inside the app. Unless you knew about the feature from a previous announcement, there would be no obvious way to go about finding the feature inside the Facebook app. This might be purposeful on the part of Facebook. They may want to work out some bugs through a public soft launch rather than have an “Apple Maps” launch fiasco on their hands.

If you’re looking to find free Wi-Fi hotspots with Facebook, here is a quick rundown on how to access the feature. First, you will need to have the latest version of Facebook installed on your smartphone. For now, the “Find Wi-Fi” feature only works on the Android and iOS apps. You won’t be able to use the feature through the mobile browser or on desktop.

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Next, look for the “menu” button. This looks like 3 stacked horizontal lines. On Android, you will see it at the top right portion of the screen. On iOS, you can find the menu button at the bottom right portion of the screen. Tap the button to open a bunch of options.

Now you should see a few various categories. At the very top will be a link to your profile and any pages you may manage. Scrolling down further will show your “Favorites” section. Even further down is an “Apps” section. This is where you will see the “Find Wi-Fi” app as well as any other apps you may have enabled in the past. If you don’t see “Find Wi-Fi” you may have to expand that section. Just tap “See All” to expand the list.

Now you should be able to see the “Find Wi-Fi” app. Tap that to move onto the next step. Don’t worry, we’re almost done. Now you will see a quick explanation about the “Find Wi-Fi” feature and how it works. If you’re ready to find free Wi-Fi hotspots with Facebook, just tap the “Enable Find Wi-Fi” button and you’re good to go!

Now you will see a map of your current location with free Wi-Fi hotspots marked by a small red circle. Tapping on a circle will open information about the location, allow you to visit their Facebook page, or start navigation to that location. You can also pan around the map to see other areas and pinch to zoom in or out.

There you go! Easy as that! Of course, be sure to follow common security practices when accessing open, unsecured Wi-Fi networks. Free Wi-Fi networks are handy in a pinch but should not be used for sensitive information like banking.

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