SoftBank’s Uber Pursuit Would Continue Ridehailing Spree

SoftBank is in talks with Uber about taking a multibillion-dollar stake in the ridehailing company, per The Wall Street Journal. A Bloomberg report from earlier this month indicated that Uber backer Benchmark has discussed selling some of its shares to SoftBank. The negotiations are reportedly in early stages, with any potential deal on hold until Uber hires a new CEO to replace Travis Kalanick, who resigned in June.

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SoftBank, which has raised $93 billion for its massive Vision Fund, appears to be lasering in on ridehailing companies. So far this year, the Japanese telecom giant has already provided significant backing to three Uber competitors that operate in Asia. The company's most recent deal, a $2 billion round it co-led for Grab, was announced Monday.

Here’s a breakdown of SoftBank’s 2017 investments in ridehailing companies, including rounds it led and rounds for which it was the sole investor:

SoftBank's Uber

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