Nintendo Switch Games: Several Titles Are Still Not Announced Yet

Nintendo Switch Games: Several Titles Are Still Not Announced Yet
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The Nintendo Switch has taken over the console market in a big way, and the steady stream of Nintendo Switch games and updates have given Switch owners just what they need. To keep the interest growing, the game maker recently teased a number of unannounced game titles.

More Nintendo Switch games on the way

During a recent investor presentation, Nintendo executive Shinya Takahashi, said, “We still have some titles that we haven’t announced yet.”

According to Takahashi, they are working on several projects to explore the full capacity of the Switch. Launch title 1-2 Switch has several distinctive gameplay elements, and going forward, the company hopes to continue coming up with unique gameplay features, notes GameSpot.

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“We are working on a variety of projects now where we are asking ourselves how we can follow up on 1-2-Switch in terms of using Nintendo Switch to play differently, and what would be fun to play,” the executive said. “We are looking forward to announcing some of these projects soon.”

Sales on track to overtake rivals

The Nintendo Switch is about four months old, but the console has already taken the market by storm. The sales figures are turning out to be good, and the title lineup announced at E3 2017 was quite impressive. Recently, the company shared a list of the most popular Nintendo Switch games (based on the eShop game download rankings for the first half of 2017). The top five positions were taken by Snipperclips, Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Kamiko and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Many already believe that the Nintendo Switch will outsell the Xbox One. Even though supply is a little on the weak side for the Switch, in Japan, the portable console is already outperforming the PS4. Michael Pachter, a game industry analyst, believes there is a strong possibility that the Switch will outsell the Xbox One this year, and he believes holiday sales will be the main deciding factor.

“[It will be] close .. I would say Switch could sell as many as 14 million, and if that happens, then that’s more than Xbox One,” Pachter told Gameranx.

Pachter, however, does not seem to be taking into account the release of the Xbox One X, which will arrive later this year.

How Nintendo plans to address the SNES Classic shortage

Despite record-breaking sales, it seems Nintendo is not content with the success of the Switch, and therefore, the gaming company is coming up with a new mini console: the SNES Classic. This miniature console will come with 21 pre-installed games. As of now, pre-orders have not gone live in the United States, but once it is released, demand is expected to run ahead of the supply.

Shortage was one of the biggest issues for the NES Classic Mini, but Nintendo will likely address that problem this time. For now, Nintendo is marketing the SNES Classic as a form of virtual console, and it might offer more alternatives in the future.

“This could include selling classic games at retail, which could also mean a lack of traditional Virtual Console support for the the Nintendo Switch,” says

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