Motivation At Work Stays Alive If You Put Your Heart, Mind And Soul Into Your Smallest Acts

Motivation At Work Stays Alive If You Put Your Heart, Mind And Soul Into Your Smallest Acts
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Everyone has his own dreams related to his career and struggles to make them come true and get where he wants. But there are times when motivation is constantly decreasing and the appetite for work is going down so for Motivation Monday we try to help you out.

According to Donna Sweidan, a reputable career coach with over 15 years of experience, a job that brings fulfillment should be aligned to our values. All of us know that the routine and other factors lead to the decrease of our motivation. These periods need some effort to rediscover the “taste” for our work.

Michael Schoeff Tips For Motivation Monday

Michael Schoeff, a leader in pet industry, considers that there are several tips that we should use to refresh our motivation when passing through these periods. He considers that both success and motivation come if you “put your heart, mind and soul into even your smallest acts”. Let’s see his perspective on how to get back your Motivation Monday at work.

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Get a new perspective on your job

If you find yourself in such a situation, the first thing you should do is to get a new perspective of your job and move your focus on the things that you love about your job, not on those that are annoying you.

Let go of the negative thoughts that keep passing through your mind and focus on the positive thinks that made you enjoy your work formerly. The things would go better if you make a list with the positive aspects related to your daily work, including your colleagues, your boss as well as any other detail that is important to you.

Try to get autonomy at your job and organize the tasks as you consider better. Involve yourself in meetings, say your opinion and let people see that you want to contribute. Feel free to express your own perspective on things and how to achieve the goals more effectively.

Also, try to vary your activities so you stimulate your brain and feel the Motivation Monday to get the things done especially ahead of the long week. When you’re alternating your skills, your brain is used at a high capacity, so you’ll feel satisfaction after performing the tasks.

Create your own corner at office, fill it with things that you like to have there and make sure your desk always has the things in order.

Develop new skills

A good opportunity is to use at the fullest your skills and develop those that you truly believe would help you succeed in career. Every piece of work that bears your personal input is valuable and will make you feel motivated.

Asking for feedback from your boss and colleagues is a good technique to measure your skills improvement.

Understand the impact of your work

Another key element is to be conscious about the tasks you are performing and understand their impact for the company. Make sure you see the big picture of the projects you are involved in. Having a clear perspective of your tasks and deadlines is helpful for your own peace. Furthermore, it helps you to stay organized, check your agenda whenever you need and to monitor your own performance. You can establish daily, weekly and monthly goals and keep track of them. It is an opportunity to celebrate milestones and keep yourself motivated.

Be kind to yourself

Reward yourself after completing a project or a difficult task and be kind to yourself. You’ll get excited every time you finish your tasks and you’ll be satisfied to see how the overall project went off.

Set your own working pace

You’ll get better results if you schedule your work and struggle to finish your tasks within the set timeframes. You’ll get used to work effectively, so your tasks will be done faster. Do not monitor the clock continuously as you’ll only get the sensation that the time is going too slow and you’ll lose your motivation. Instead, focus on your goals.

Make friends

Making friends at work is a good idea as it will help you to get the feeling of support and it improves the teamwork. Offer and give feedback every time you like something and encourage your colleagues to stay positive during hard times.

Use your breaks wisely

When you are at work, pick different locals for lunch and go there with your close colleagues. Enjoy every break and choose topics that make you feel positive and trustful. Take breaks every hour and relax your eyes and mind for several minutes. It will help you feel less stressed and a little bit rested.

Improve your lifestyle

Make some changes in your personal life, adopt an active lifestyle, do physical exercises, get out for walks and try to meet new persons.

Be satisfied with yourself

Motivation Monday is easier to get when you are satisfied with yourself. Make all you need to be in a good mood and you’ll notice that going to work is not as unpleasant as you thought. Take time for activities you like most, go in vacation and take breaks whenever you need.

It is essential that you find aspects that you love in your work. If you hate everything about your job and coming to work is like a nightmare for you, it is a clear sign that you’ll have to find another job and possibly another field of activity.

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