Masayoshi Son: SoftBank, Startups And Technological Infrastructure

A interview with Japans richest man and CEO of SoftBank, Masayoshi Son. In this interview Masayoshi discusses what he thinks is wrong with the US technological infrastructure and how, by acquiring Sprint and T-Mobile he will be able to improve it. Masayoshi also talks about his hero Steve Jobs and other tech startups he admires.

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Masayoshi Son: SoftBank, Startups And Technological Infrastructure

Video Segments:

0:00 Introduction

0:32 What are you going to tell the US chamber of commerce about wireless?

2:42 Wanting to buy T-Mobile

3:24 Opposition to monopoly

4:17 If you had Sprint and T-Mobile, what would you do?

5:42 What was it like growing up in Japan?

6:20 What did you want to do when you graduated from Berkley?

7:30 When did you go back to Japan?
7:45 Your hero’s ?

8:48 Steve jobs is Leonardo da Vinci

9:17 You wanted to be the carrier for iPhone

11:25 Why did you think the Japanese would like the iPhone?

12:22 Why did Bill Gates miss so much?

13:05 Steve jobs had a beginners eye

13:39 Are you more financial or creative?

16:07 Tele-company v Cable Company

17:46 US networks are very slow

19:24 Where is the fastest network in the world?

19:49 Apple v Android?

20:32 What do you think of Samsung?

21:09 What happened to you in the dot com bust?

22:59 Is Google going to be the world’s biggest company?

24:11 Apple is still great

24:45 What did you think of Facebook buying WhatsApp

25:03 Negotiating philosophy

25:30 You want to be in content?

26:24 Wind and solar technologies

27:23 What do you think of the prime minister?

28:14 Do differences in culture matter?

29:04 What else are you interested in?

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