M&A During The First Half Of 2017 In 5 Charts

If the first half of this year keeps up its current pace, 2017 will clock one of the lowest totals for completed acquisitions in North America and Europe since 2010. Thus far, just 3,807 deals have closed this year, representing roughly $592 billion of capital invested, per the PitchBook Platform. At an average of roughly 635 completed deals per month, that’s well off 2015’s record of nearly 1,000 completed deals per month.

But some monumental transactions first announced last year remain open, with the likes of Time Warner-AT&T (about $85 billion) and Qualcomm-NXP (about $38 billion) yet to close their massive, industry-realigning combinations. And with a total of 970 deals added to the pipeline during 1H, 2017 may yet register a record level of capital invested on M&A without the staggering deal counts of recent years.

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Here are 5 charts that capture the year in M&A so far:

M&A During The First Half Of 2017

M&A During The First Half Of 2017

Article by Adam Putz, PitchBook