iPhone 8 Colors: What Color Options Will Apple Opt For?

iPhone 8 Colors: What Color Options Will Apple Opt For?

With the weeks rapidly ticking away until September, the release of the iPhone 8 is now very much on the horizon. Although there has been some debate regarding precisely when we can expect the Apple flagship to emerge, there is a broad consensus which indicates we should at least hear some news about this premium device in the ninth month of the year, shortly after the release of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8.

iPhone 8 colors

And one interesting aspect of the next generation handset that is set to change is the iPhone 8 colors that Apple will use. Previous releases from the consumer electronics giant, particularly in the Apple Watch range, have seen consumers being offered a wide variety of choice, in what seems to be a shifting ethos in the Apple product range.

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So what can we expect from the iPhone 8 in this department? Here are a few suggestions.


One of the possible iPhone 8 colors is a red edition of the smartphone that would create a pleasingly striking visage. It is notable that this color previously appeared in both the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, so there is a good chance that it may be used once more in the iPhone 8 generation.

Another interesting aspect of the red design is that it was offered in partnership with an AIDS funding charity. This would give Apple a clear incentive to continue this approach with the next generation iPhone 8.

Jet Black

Of all iPhone 8 colors, the Jet Black variant is perhaps the most likely to appear. Indeed, some reports have suggested that the next generation Apple smartphone will only be released in this color. This seems a little unlikely, but the thinking is that Apple will attempt to imbue the iPhone 8 with a serious image that is unsupported by brighter color schemes.

However, regardless of the validity of this particular suggestion, it does seem a certainty that black models of the iPhone 8 will be made available when the handset launches.


Another possible black variant for the iPhone 8 is the more simply titled Black unit. This has been an absolute staple of the iPhone range for many years, so it is easy to anticipate that this will be one of the iPhone 8 colors available at launch. Although this is not exactly the most inspiring color scheme available, nor the most original, it is undoubtedly one of the most popular.


One of the more luxurious iPhone 8 colors that may emerge with the next generation is a Silver variant of the smartphone. The first silver iPhone emerged back with the iPhone 5, and it has remained a popular color scheme ever since. This is definitely a design parameter that can be firmly pencilled in for the forthcoming iPhone 8.

Rose Gold

Rose Gold is an increasingly fashionable color scheme in the iPhone range, despite the fact that it has only relatively recently been introduced. Nonetheless, it has proven to be particularly popular with female iPhone consumers, meaning that it can once more be considered a likely inclusion for the forthcoming iPhone 8 generation.

However, with some reports suggesting that Apple may shave the number of colors available when the iPhone 8 is released, this somewhat trendy color could be sacrificed, as opposed to other more classic options.


Undoubtedly the most ostentatious of probable iPhone 8 colors is the gold design that always turns heads in the street. While this color is not to everyone’s taste, there is no doubt that the Gold version of the iPhone 7 is particularly striking. It seems probable that Apple will retain the gold color scheme for the iPhone 8, in order to satisfy those fans of the device craving a little bling.

Other colors

It is also possible that Apple could contemplate including new color schemes in the iPhone 8 generation. Indeed, the iPhone 7 saw both Jet Black and Red introduced for the first time, so we may see further colors appear in 2017. Perhaps the most likely new iPhone 8 color would be some sort of blue variant of the smartphone, although no doubt Apple will have a fancier name for this design than merely blue.


Aside from the color scheme of the iPhone 8, Apple is also set to significantly redesign the smartphone. This will certainly involve a wraparound OLED display, which will dominate the front panel of the unit. It has been suggested that Apple could also embrace curved screen technology, but recent reports have also suggested that the iPhone 8 will be flat panel only.

However, the all-glass design linked with the unit looks to be particularly stylish, with KGI Securities Ming-Chi Kuo suggesting that the iPhone 8 will feature the most impressive screen-to-body ratio in the history of the smartphone marketplace.

Specs and features

Apple is also expected to implement several new features with the iPhone 8 generation, with the inclusion of an innovative wireless charging system possibly the most significant. This system is reportedly capable of wirelessly charging the iPhone 8 unit from a distance of 15 feet, which would be a first for the mobile industry.

Elsewhere, Apple will eliminate the Home button that has been such a prominent feature of the iconic smartphone for its entire lifecycle. Instead, the Home button functionality will be integrated within the wraparound display of the device, and it is likely that the fingerprint sensor will also be embedded within the screen. The recent OnePlus 5 included a similar screen.

The iPhone 8 has also been strongly linked with augmented reality technology, expected to offer both security and gaming functionality. Apple CEO Tim Cook already offered his explicit support for this concept, meaning that it will appear in an Apple mobile sooner or later.

A dual-rear camera, updated and powerful quad-core A11 processor, along with RAM and storage increases, are also anticipated for what will be one of the most exciting smartphone releases of this or any other year. And when the handset does hit the stores, we could also see new iPhone 8 colors emerge.

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