Why And How To Invest In Solar Winners

Why And How To Invest In Solar Winners
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Jobs in solar are growing 17x faster than the U.S. economy, solar installations grew an astonding 96% in 2016. Today, more than ever solar is becoming an attractive investment vehicle for sophistacted investors. And it’s becoming easier than ever to invest in solar energy projects across the U.S. with help from firms like Wunder Capital.

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Here are some of the important statistics that indicate this industry is a sector worth investing in:

  • Solar is Growing Faster Than Other Energy Forms. In 2016, Solar energy grew by 96%. In that same year, wind energy also grew by 26% and natural gas grew 29%. All other energy forms, including coal, grew a combined 6%. Clearly, solar’s time has come.
  • Solar is Getting Cheaper. The cost of building, installing, and maintaining solar systems has decreased by 50% in the past 5 years. And these savings are compounded on 10% savings per decades since 1977. As costs decrease, it’s easier to create sustainable business models based on solar technology, whether it be in manufacturing, research, installation, or solar farming.
  • Solar is Self-Sufficient. For years, solar survived only by government subsidy. Governments incentivized people to “go solar” because it was so much better for the environment than energy systems based on fossil fuels. Today, government subsidies are unnecessary in most states, because solar has come of age. By 2022, solar energy is expected to be an entirely self-sufficient industry.
  • Huge Growth WILL Happen. By market capitalization alone, the solar energy industry is far smaller than competitors. With this kind of growth, it’s only a matter of time before investor profits will swell by enormous proportions.

Still, it’s hard to pick winners in the solar energy space. More than a few optimistic investors have been disappointed to learn that the company they thought was a sure thing just didn’t pan out when it came to returns. That’s why Wunder Capital has introduced a different model. Rather than investing cash by buying stocks in unproven companies, more investors are finding ways to invest directly in companies, through marketplace lending.

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Wunder Capital offers two kinds of funds, with minimum investments of $1,000 each. The first is the Wunder Term Fund, which invests your money in commercial solar projects acorss the U.S. The investment term is 84 months, and the projected return is 8.5% annually. The other option is the Wunder Income Fund, which also invests in commercial solar projects across the U.S. The investment term of the Wunder Income Fund is 120 months, and the projected return is 6% annually

Investor funds will be paired with small and medium sized businesses all across the U.S. who are seeking financing to go solar. As the industry sees additional gains, as is expected by virtually all projections, Wunder Capital’s model will hopefully only become more prosperous and stable. You don’t have to be an expert on solar energy to get solid returns in the solar revolution. Put your money to work in an industry looking for investment. Do well, and do good.


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