UPDATE 07-27-2017: The latest news on GTA 6 has caused some controversy, with there being considerable debate over whether or not the game is already in production. With Rockstar currently working on Red Dead Redemption 2, the developer certainly has a lot on his plate. But new evidence suggests that the software house could be working on GTA 6 as well.

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CV leak

This latest rumor emanated from the popular Neogaf, with forum dwellers from the site apparently identifying an important document. A CV seemingly belonging to LA-based actor Tim Neff indicated that he may already be working on the hugely anticipated GTA 6.

But Neff has already denied this rumor via his Twitter account, asserting that the CV does not belong to him in the first place, and further reiterating that he is not currently working on the forthcoming game.

Of course, this could be a red herring from the actor, as it is common for voice talent to be contractually obliged to deny working on key video game titles. This has recently been the case with the upcoming sequel to The Last of Us.

TechRadar previously reported earlier this year that Rockstar is already working on GTA 6, but there has been no official confirmation of this suggestion as of yet.

Zelnick comments

Meanwhile, Take-Two CEO Straus Zelnick has been speaking on the way that GTA 6 may turn out. The publisher is one of the very biggest wigs in the video games industry, not to mention critical to the GTA series, and thus his opinions on GTA 6 must be taken seriously. It is notable that Zelnick previously stated that the GTA series is ‘under-monetizing’ its players, so not all of his views will necessarily be popular.

Zelnick suggested that the activities of Rockstar have been fundamentally transformed by the success of GTA Online. This new aspect of the GTA universe has unquestionably gained massive traction, and it therefore seems likely that there will be even more emphasis on this element of the game in the GTA 6 release.

Thus, Zelnick’s comments have been interpreted as evidence that Rockstar will ensure that GTA 6 is a full-blown multiplayer title. It is extremely unlikely that this would be at the expense of the single-player game, as Rockstar has always placed an emphasis on plot lines and character development in its titles.

But it could mean a highly expanded multiplayer game will be part of the GTA 6 release out of the box. It is easy to forget that GTA Online was an ad-on, which was unveiled months after the original title had been released.

Release date

Regardless of whether Rockstar is working on GTA 6 or not, the release date of this next-generation title is undoubtedly of vast interest to gamers worldwide. However, it seems increasingly likely that the release date for GTA 6 is well into the future, following the previous remarks of Michael Pachter from Wedbush Securities.

The analyst had indicated his view that GTA 6 may not arrive in the imminent future, and reports this week have certainly supported this assertion. It is now suggested in some quarters that GTA 6 will be delayed until 2024, meaning that the gap between the GTA 5 and GTA 6 games will be no less than 11 years.

This seems a trifle surprising, considering that Red Dead Redemption 2 is due to be released next year. But the earlier suggested release date of 2020 may turn out to be wide of the mark, particularly as the previous GTA games have been pushed backwards due to logistical difficulties.

We can perhaps more realistically expect GTA 6 to arrive in either 2021 or 2022. By which time, the PlayStation 5 and next-generation Xbox console should have been released, which will lead to speculation regarding which platform GTA 6 will launch on.

Rockstar initially ignored the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with GTA 5, lunching exclusively on the PS3 and Xbox 360. It is probable that this policy will be continued with GTA 6, regardless of the existence or otherwise of the PlayStation 5 generation. But the further that the release date is pushed back, the more likely it becomes that we could see this next-generation game indeed debuting on next-generation consoles.

UPDATE 07-14-2017: There is no doubt that GTA 6 will be one of the most hotly anticipated video games in the history of the medium. This is practically guaranteed by the fact that the title has been significantly delayed in comparison to previous releases, and still isn’t expected for some years, as Rockstar continues to work on the sequel to Red Dead Redemption.

GTA 6 Release Date
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Release date

So the first thing to note on GTA 6 is that recent speculation has suggested that it may not appear until 2024. This would be an extremely surprising release date, considering that it would represent an 11-year hiatus from the emergence of GTA 5. While Rockstar has Red Dead 2 to look forward to, and is still making significant money from GTA Online, this simply seems like a date too far into the future.

Nonetheless, Wedbush Security analyst Michael Pachter was the source of this particular rumor, and Pachter is convinced that Rockstar will be extremely diligent in the development of this hugely important title. Certainly considering the development costs for GTA 5, there is no doubt that the sequel will be a massive undertaking, even for a developer with the experience of Rockstar.

Others have suggested that GTA 6 will instead appear in 2020, and this seems far more realistic. However, it wouldn’t be surprising if the release date slid slightly to 2021. Previously GTA titles have been delayed, and this game will definitely require a huge amount of development.

GTA 6 debut

There is also currently some debate on whether GTA 6 will appear on next generation machines, or instead debut on the existing console niche. Certainly the approach to GTA 5 would suggest that a current gen release is more likely, providing Rockstar with some leeway to upgrade the game to forthcoming machines.

Under development

The latest rumors are that GTA 6 is already under development, although this must be pretty tentative at this stage. Rockstar is surely devoting most of its resources to finishing Red Dead Redemption 2, with this game due for release in Spring 2018.

Virtual reality

Another intriguing suggestions for GTA 6 is that the game could be compatible with virtual reality systems for the first time. This would pose technical challenges, but it is possible that the PS4 Pro could deal with this eventuality. It is also possible that Rockstar could produce a separate version of GTA 6 intended for virtual reality use, or simply produce a few sections of the game that are compatible with the VR headset.

The release of the next generation consoles will also thicken the broth for Rockstar, providing it with more power in order to deliver virtual reality. It is already anticipated that the PlayStation 5 will place a significant focus on VR, as Sony attempts to develop this technology.

Female protagonist

It has also been suggested

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