Galaxy Note 8 Case And CAD Information Reveal What’s Missing

Galaxy Note 8 Case And CAD Information Reveal What’s Missing
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Apart from the behemoth that is the iPhone 8, the next most highly-anticipated smartphone is the Note 8, the successor and hopefully more successful replacement for the explosive Note 7. While the handset is a month or two from launch and Samsung remains tight-lipped about its design, we have two pieces of surprising information: one about a Galaxy Note 8 case, and another about a CAD design..

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Galaxy Note 8 case

If you are not a regular follower of rumor and leak, here is some shocking news. Samsung has given up on trying to solve its fingerprint sensor problem, at least according to rumors early last week. Since then, there has been a long series of image leaks on Twitter and other social media outlets confirming it. The problem, however, is that without this information coming from the horse’s mouth, it’s difficult to believe. So as there’s no chance of getting anything official, how about a tip from a well-known and respected retailer?

We can tell you that recently ValueWalk was contacted by the retailer MobileFun. It’s a company which operates in both the U.S. and the U.K, and it is highly respected. The information it provided to us seems to confirm the omission of the fingerprint sensor from the display. If you take a look at the Galaxy Note 8 case images above, you’ll see the fingerprint sensor on the rear next to the camera sensor. However, in a bid to avoid the difficulties experienced by Galaxy S8 owners, the fingerprint sensor is further away from the camera sensor. Samsung apparently hopes that this will eliminate the smudging caused by users accidentally placing their finger on the camera lens instead of the fingerprint sensor.

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Unfortunately, our contact with MobileFun did not lead to the direct sharing of images. However, you can see images of more than one Galaxy Note 8 case in this article.

Galaxy Note 8 Cases available

While the retailer isn’t the only one to mention that it will be selling cases for the phablet, it is the first we’ve come across that wants to share its entire accessory line with us openly. This amounts to 21 cases across six ranges, from plastic to leather, to two-piece, and those with a LED view feature.

    • Alcantara Cover Range: Black – EF-XN950ABEGWW – 8806088930886 – $53.49 / £49.99
    • Dark Grey – EF-XN950AJEGWW – 8806088930923 – $53.49 / £49.99
    • Dark Grey – EF-XN950AJEGWW – 8806088930923 – $53.49 / £49.99
    • Khaki – EF-XN950AKEGWW – 8806088930947 – $53.49 / £49.99
    • Pink – EF-XN950APEGWW – 8806088930954 – $53.49 / £49.99
    • Back Pack 3,100mAh Wireless Charging Case: – EB-TN950CBEGWW – 8806088946627 – $94.99 / £89.00
    • Clear View Stand Cover Range: Black – EF-ZN950CBEGWW – 8806088935119 – $58.99 / £55.00
    • Gold – EF-ZN950CFEGWW – 8806088935041 – $58.99 / £55.00
    • Blue – EF-ZN950CNEGWW – 8806088934969 – $58.99 / £55.00
    • Grey – EF-ZN950CVEGWW – 8806088934891 – $58.99 / £55.00
    • Brown – EF-WN950LAEGWW – 8806088935232 – $62.99/ £59.00
    • Black – EF-WN950LBEGWW – 8806088936178 – $62.99/ £59.00
    • LED View Cover Range: Black – EF-NN950PBEGWW – 8806088936178 – $58.99 / £59.00
    • Gold – EF-NN950PFEGWW – 8806088936215 – $58.99 / £59.00
    • Deep Blue – EF-NN950PNEGWW – 8806088936284 – $58.99 / £59.00
    • Orchid Grey – EF-NN950PVEGWW – 8806088936345 – $58.99 / £59.00
    • Protective Cover Range: Black – EF-RN950CBEGWW – 8806088935010 – $15.99 / £14.99
    • Deep Blue – EF-RN950CNEGWW – 8806088934914 – $15.99 / £14.99
    • 2-Piece Pop Cover Range: Black – EF-MN950CBEGWW – 8806088935256 – $21.49 / £19.99
    • Grey / Green – EF-MN950CGEGWW – 8806088935287 – $21.49 / £19.99
    • Deep Blue – EF-RN950CNEGWW – 8806088935096 – $21.49 / £19.99
    • Grey / Orange – EF-MN950COEGWW – 8806088935300 – $21.49 / £19.99

What does this reveal?

The above reveals that the fingerprint sensor will indeed appear on the rear, and the much-disliked Pop cover is back. Additionally, the lens cover featured on the Note 7 is gone, and the wireless charging battery cover is back. Why Samsung chose not to make it available for the S8 is a question worth asking, although that’s for another time, as here we’re focusing on these Galaxy Note 8 cases.

There’s also an idea given as to what colors the handset may be available in. We think it will be Orchid Grey, Deep Blue, Black, Silver, and Gold. The above cases are now available to pre-order at MobileFun on their U.K. and U.S. sites.

Galaxy Note 8 CAD

In another leak, a tweet posted to Twitter by accessories maker Slickwarps CEO Jonathan Endicott shows a CAD design. The company, which is a manufacturer of smartphone accessories, is apparently “working hard on the Note 8.” That is the headline of the tweet, which means it’s working on a Galaxy Note 8 case and maybe other accessories too.

From the image in the post, it’s easy to see that this is the next-gen Note, even though some disagree. You can see some pretty standout features, especially on its rear. As we mentioned earlier, there’s almost definitive proof that the fingerprint sensor will be on the back, as in this rendering, you can clearly see it placed next to a dual-lens camera setup and a heart rate sensor.

We can also see the S-Pen, although what’s new about it isn’t revealed. Additionally, there’s a 3.5mm headphone jack, plus a USB Type-C port, and we hope this is accurate. We prefer to have a choice when it comes to connectivity and not be pushed in one direction.

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