Fake iPhone 8 Clones Already Appearing In China

Fake iPhone 8 Clones Already Appearing In China
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As Apple fans seek legitimate news about the forthcoming iPhone 8, a raft of fake iPhone 8 clones have already appeared on the black market. This can usually be expected in East Asia, with the production of such devices particularly rampant in China. There is a massive appetite for products from the consumer electronics giant in the world’s most populous nation, and the complicated rules related to technology in the country, as exemplified by the Great Firewall of China, mean that such clones are always likely to appear.

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Fake news

EverythingApplePro has already acquired one of the fake iPhone 8 clones, and it is interesting to take a look at these handsets, even if they may barely resemble the final product. Interestingly, these dummy devices feature rear vertical cameras and proportions that can be considered approximate to the final iPhone 8 release.

But the front of the fake iPhone 8 clones differs significantly from what is expected from the Apple flagship, with no inclusion of the wraparound display widely anticipated. Of course, these smartphones also fail to deliver much of the functionality that will appear when the iPhone 8 is released; indeed, they don’t even run the iOS operating system. Instead, the fake iPhone 8 clones are reliant on a version of Android which is themed to resemble the iOS 10 interface.

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Another interesting aspect of this erroneous device is the exclusion of the virtual Home button. Instead, the designers have opted for an invisible capacitive button, although there is little indication that the final iPhone 8 will deliver such a unit.

The fake iPhone 8 clones have at least been packaged in a box that somewhat resembles traditional Apple paraphernalia. San Francisco fonts and a pleasing visual image of the reverse of the fake iPhone 8 clones appears on this packaging, with particular emphasis placed on the vertical dual-camera system. However, there is no glass back featured in this unit, a design parameter that is expected to appear in the iPhone 8 generation.

Effectively, the clone of Apple’s iconic device is an iPhone 7 with a fake dual-camera. It is highly unlikely that the final release will remotely resemble this rapidly assembled unit. But it will still cause some amusement among those fans of the iPhone range awaiting the next Apple release.

Color problem

Another aspect of the fake iPhone 8 clones which can be considered dubious is the color scheme involved, which recent reports have suggested will significantly alter for the iPhone 8 generation. The legendary Ming-Chi Kuo has already reported that the iPhone 8 will be made available in fewer colors than previous releases, in order to maintain what the analyst describes as its ’boutique branding’.

This latest iteration of the iPhone range will be a seriously branded and marketed unit, intended to be a major productivity device as well as a mass-market smartphone. While the iPhone series remains incredibly popular, and continues to drive an Apple share price that is in the ascent, recent releases have been slightly conservative and disappointing.

Apple is thus expected to pull out all of the stops when the iPhone 8 is released, in particular including OLED technology in the handset for the first time. This new display is expected to be 5.8-inches in size, with a design that dominates the front panel of the phone.

The aforementioned Kuo has already suggested that the iPhone 8 will be launched in September, with the OLED device to be announced at a special event alongside two iPhone 7S updates. However, the KGI Securities analyst also suggested that the premium version of the iPhone 8 range could be released at a later date than the two upgraded smartphones, owing to supply challenges in obtaining enough OLED screens for the rollout.

Wireless charging mooted

Another new feature expected in the iPhone 8 generation is the introduction of wireless charging. This cannot be considered a huge innovation, as this functionality already appears in Samsung Galaxy releases. However, reports have suggested that Apple has been tinkering with a unique form of wireless technology that will enable users of the iPhone 8 to charge their devices from an unlikely 15-feet distance.

Apple will also probably upgrade the resolution of the display included in the iPhone 8, delivering the first ever quad HD mobile from the Californian corporation. This would seem to be essential considering the general direction of the smartphone niche, with other manufacturers outranking the iPhone series in screen resolution terms.

The iPhone 8 will also probably feature improved water and dust proofing, while there have been numerous reports which suggested that augmented reality features will be introduced as well.

While such features have been omitted from these fake iPhone 8 clones, it is still intriguing to see what is already available under the Apple branding in China.

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