How to download and install iOS 11 Beta 3 now on iPhone, iPad, iPod

How to download and install iOS 11 Beta 3 now on iPhone, iPad, iPod

The iOS 11 update promises plenty of new and improved features. Most iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch owners are happy to wait until the official release. However, if you’re reading this, you’re likely one of the more tech savvy folks that simply can’t wait to experience iOS 11 in all its glory. So, let’s get to work and install iOS 11 beta 3 on your device! iOS 11 beta 3 is compatible on iPhone 5S and newer, iPad Mini 2 and newer, as well at the 6th Gen iPod Touch.

First, please note that this is a beta build of the software. For the most part, it is probably pretty stable. However, as with any beta build, there could be unexpected bugs that pop up here and there. You’ve been warned. If you have already installed iOS 11 beta 1 or 2, jump to the bottom of this article. Let’s start with the people who haven’t tasted iOS 11 yet.

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Steps to install iOS 11 beta 3

Step 1: Through the browser on your iOS device that you wish to upgrade, go to this link. You must be using Safari.

Step 2: Your browser should automatically redirect you to “iOS beta public software” and prompt you to tap “install” three times. You will then have to reboot your device.

Step 3: After rebooting, go into “Settings” then “General” then “Software Update.” You should see iOS 11 Developer Beta OTA as a download option. Tap to download then install just like you would with any other iOS update. If you don’t immediately see the download option, wait a couple minutes. If you still don’t see the download option then try shutting your device off and turning it back on again.

Okay, the folks who haven’t enjoyed some iOS 11 beta love are set up now. If you have iOS 11 beta 1 or 2, then follow along below:

Step 1: Like before, go to this link to reinstall the iOS Beta Software Profile. Remember to use Safari.

Step 2: Tap the iOS 11 beta (updated) option. Install the iOS 11 beta profile.

Step 3: Restart your device.

Step 4: Tap “Settings” then “General” then “Software Update.” Download and install iOS 11 beta 3 as you would any other iOS update.

It’s that easy! Now you can dive into the latest beta of iOS 11 and experience the latest features for yourself. iOS 11 brings a cleanup to Messages. A ton of cool features had been added to the app lately but it was turning into a bit of a mess. As well, iOS 11 changes the compression formats of photos and videos which should allow you to store more of those precious memories. It also seems like Siri got a little smarter. Everyone’s favorite voice assistant now offers translation which should help Siri keep up with some of the advancements made by Google Assistant in recent years.

Overall, iOS 11 looks like an exciting step forward. iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch owners should be fairly impressed with the tweaks and changes Apple has made to iOS. If you’re not comfortable with installing a beta build, don’t worry, iOS 11 should be officially released in the coming months.

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