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Quants Vs Algos

You wouldn’t know it from the headlines, but quants aren’t new. And they aren’t just involved in stocks and bonds. The Wall Street Journal...
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ICOs Using Blockchain Redefine The Financial Landscape

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are the digital equivalent of Initial Public Offerings (IPOs). Blockchain technology is widely considered the most cost effective, efficient and...
Credit Managers Index

The Credit Managers Index

The latest Credit Managers' Index data from the NACM showed another blip down by -1.5 points to a still respectable 54.6 in July. It...

Motivation At Work Stays Alive If You Put Your Heart, Mind And Soul Into...

Everyone has his own dreams related to his career and struggles to make them come true and get where he wants. But there are...
China PMI Bad And Good

ChartBrief 122 – China PMI Bad And Good

The official manufacturing PMI for China came in at 51.4 in July (51.5 expected, 51.7 previous), and the non-manufacturing PMI at 54.5 (54.9 previous)....
Asia Equity Funds

America has more assets allocated to equity funds than Europe and Asia combined

Asia has the highest number of equity funds but the lowest amount of assets under management (AUM) The number of funds and total...
How Millennials Are Changing The Housing Market

How Millennials Are Changing The Housing Market

In the next five years, a whopping 66.1% of millennials are expecting to buy homes. That kind of demand from the largest generation in American...

Weekly Sentiment Poll: Fundamentals

The latest weekly sentiment poll on Twitter showed a couple of very interesting trends in sentiment and markets. As a reminder the survey differentiates...
DeepMind, Google, NHS Artificial intelligence

Hedge Fund Firm Man AHL Says Open Sourcing Software Helps Attract Best Developer Talent

Hedge Fund Firm Man AHL Says Open Sourcing Software Helps Attract Best Developer Talent Q2/H1 Hedge Fund Letters - Letters, Conferences, Calls, And More A commonly...
Twitter SoundCloud

SoundCloud Eyes PE Funding To Stay Afloat

Struggling music-streaming company SoundCloud is nearing deals with two private equity firms, according to Bloomberg. The investments would be separate transactions, and combined the...
Galaxy Note 8 Unveiling

With Galaxy Note 8 Unveiling Weeks Away, FCC Clears The Device

The Galaxy Note 8 unveiling is less than four weeks away. While Samsung fans wait for the next-gen phablet, the device has received certification...
S&P 500 Companies Beating Sales Estimates

Record Number Of S&P 500 Companies Beating Sales Estimates For Q2

As of Friday, 57% of the companies in the S&P 500 have reported actual earnings and sales numbers for the second quarter. Of these...
Tesla Model Y

Tesla Inc (TSLA) is bubble-market’s largest individual bubble: Stanphyl Capital

Mark Spiegel’s Stanphyl Capital is famous for its questioning of Tesla but its biggest alpha comes from his picks in small caps – see...
Debt Ceiling

Is FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) Driving Up Consumer Debt?

Dartmouth’s Eesha Sharma and USC’s Stephanie Tully discuss their research on the changing motivations behind consumer debt. Also Read After Paying $1 Billion In Interest, Is...
Strong Pricing Power

Charlie Munger On The Power Of Prices

Here Charlie Munger talks about strong pricing power . Part two of a short series on Charlie Munger’s Human Misjudgment Revisited. Warren Buffett often speaks...