An interview with billionaire real estate developer and owner of the Miami Dolphins, Stephen Ross. In this interview Stephen discusses his early life and his career in developing real estate. Stephen also talks about his passion for sport and how he is combining sport and philanthropy.

FrodeCJ / Pixabay

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Video Segments:
0:00 Introduction
0:09 Why did you come back to Michigan?
0:52 Why Wayne Law?
1:28 Going to New York for real estate
2:00 Was it a easy transition from law to real estate?
2:38 First Major Development
4:37 Time Warner Center building
7:03 Hudson Yards
8:21 What advice can you give for developing detroit?
9:43 Placemaking
10:19 Challenges of owning a NFL team?
12:48 Sports and inequality
15:40 Soccer
18:11 What impact do you hope to have with your philanthropy?
18:49 Your uncle, Max fisher
19:48 What else do you hope to be known for?
20:40 Role Models
21:30 What is success to you?
21:51 Advice to younger self?

Interview Date: 8th December, 2014
Event: Wayne Law
Original Image Source: