Pixel, Nexus Handsets Now Get Non-Beta Samsung Internet Browser

Pixel, Nexus Handsets Now Get Non-Beta Samsung Internet Browser
leejeongsoo / Pixabay

The Galaxy line of handsets already runs the Samsung Internet Browser, which the Korean firm developed for its Android devices. Non-Galaxy devices were only able to access the beta version of the app, but now, Samsung has completed the beta testing and released the latest stable version of its browser for Google’s Nexus and Pixel handsets.

How the Samsung Internet Browser is different

A common thread between Google Chrome and the Samsung Internet Browser is that both are based on Google’s open-source browser project commonly referred to as Chromium. However, the Korean company designed its app to look and perform differently than Chrome.

Samsung’s browser stands apart because it offers a large number of features that are not yet available on Chrome, bringing a completely new and unique kind of feel to users. The most lucrative and useful of those features is the floating Quick Menu button and privacy-focused search engine DuckDuckGo, notes PhoneArena. The former allows users to perform various tasks such as changing the text sizes of web pages, opening new tabs and sharing pages with ease, while the latter ensures safety and privacy for users.

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