Pakistan Shoots Down Iranian Drone Near Border [Exclusive Photos]

The Pakistani Air Force shot down an Iranian drone over the southwestern part of Balochistan province. According to Pakistani officials, the unmanned Iranian drone was brought down over the weekend approximately 45 kilometers inside Pakistani airspace. A source sent these exclusive photos of the Iranian drone to ValueWalk.

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Iranian drone shot down over Pakistan

The Pakistani Air Force isn’t commenting on the downing of the drone, although officials have told Pakistani media anonymously that the drone was sent into the country on a spy mission. Security forces discovered the wreckage of the drone on Monday and gathered the debris. They also tightened security in the Panjgur area after the downing of the Iranian drone.

iranian drone

iranian drone

This is only the latest episode in the ongoing border tension between Pakistan and Iran. Islamabad accuses Tehran of entering its territory and has protested multiple times. Iranian forces also allegedly fired mortars into Pakistan over the weekend without any provocation.

Iranian drone base reportedly located near Syria

The downing of the Iranian drone in Pakistan that happened over the weekend isn’t even the latest episode of one of Tehran’s drones being shot down. The U.S. Air Force reportedly shot down another Iranian drone over southern Syria near Tanf on Tuesday. The drone was downed near an outpost where the U.S.-led coalition is operating in the Syrian civil war.

In fact, multiple drones originating from Iran have been shot down, although most of them have been downed over Syria rather than Pakistan. Two U.S. defense officials reportedly told NBC News that Iran has a drone base located near Palmyra, Syria, and they believe that’s where the drones that have been shot down over Syria may have come from.

The officials said that Tehran has based Shahed-129 drones at the airfield and can either arm them with weapons or use them for spying. They wouldn’t speculate who was operating the drones that have attempted to attack the U.S.-led coalition, but they did say that the Iranians have been giving the Syrians training on how to fly the drones.