The OnePlus 5 Does Indeed Look Like The iPhone 7 Plus From Behind

The OnePlus 5 Does Indeed Look Like The iPhone 7 Plus From Behind
Image Source: OnePlus (via Twitter)

We heard earlier this week that the OnePlus 5 looks like a rip-off of the iPhone 7 Plus, and it looks like the company has now indirectly confirmed that. OnePlus also confirmed a June 20 launch, disproving the June 15 date many had settled on because the announcement looked like a copy of the announcement that was used for a previous OnePlus model.

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A sneak peek at the OnePlus 5

The makers of the OnePlus 5 cranked up the heat on their promotions even further by sharing an image of the back of the phone on Twitter. The image doesn’t let us see what the front of the OnePlus 5 looks like of course, but it does serve to whet the appetites of those who are interested.

The photo shows a dual-lens camera in a horizontal configuration with antenna lines that look very similar to those on the iPhone 7 Plus. The matte color is pretty similar to the matte black iPhone as well, and it looks to be ultra-thin, just as we gathered from some of the company’s other recent hints.

Leaked OnePlus 5 photos confirmed to be real

The company has been sharing tidbits about the smartphone gradually over the last couple of months, although the pace of the sharing has accelerated greatly over the last week or two. Earlier this week, some different images of the OnePlus 5 leaked, and at that time, the initial reaction was that it looks like a clone of the iPhone 7 Plus. The image shared officially by OnePlus today seems to indicate that the photos that were leaked earlier this week are real.

Today’s image of the OnePlus 5 does not show the front side of the handset, although the images that were leaked a couple of days ago do. At that time, the general consensus was that the phone was a copy of the iPhone 7 Plus. It should be noted that the OnePlus 5 isn’t expected to have a curved all-display front, which is the trend most of the high-end brands are following or rumored to be following. The iPhone 8 is expected to follow the trend.

Why copy the iPhone 7 Plus?

Apple certainly has done well with the iPhone 7 Plus, partially because of the dual-lens camera but mostly because of the strength of its own brand. The company is even focusing a good part of its promotional efforts on the quality of the dual-lens camera in the OnePlus 5, just like Apple did with the iPhone 7 Plus.

The designers of the OnePlus 5 are probably hoping to replicate that success by perhaps attracting smartphone users who like the look and feel of the iPhone 7 Plus but prefer the Android operating system. At any rate, OnePlus’ marketing efforts have picked up this year, and the company also promised that it has greatly improved its customer service in time to support sales of the new handset.

The company has set the launch for the OnePlus 5 for June 20 at noon Eastern; it will be live-streamed on its website.

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