Microsoft Plans 3 New Windows 10 Versions, Including For Power Users

Microsoft Plans 3 New Windows 10 Versions, Including For Power Users
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Microsoft might bring workstation mode back to the Windows 10 operating system for power users, branding it as Windows 10 Pro for Workstation. Apparently, Twitter users @AndItsTito and @GrandMofongo found new editions in the Windows 10 version accidentally released to testers a week ago. The new version, described as Windows 10 Pro for Advanced PCs, will be more inclined toward catering to hardware demands, notes The Verge.

Microsoft working on three new Windows 10 versions

Microsoft accidentally divulged Windows 10 build 16216 for phones last week, after which many phones crashed upon booting up. Finally, after realizing its mistake, the company apologized and released a blog explaining how users can get their phones and systems back up and running again.

However, it was a treat for some users who were able to take a look at the upcoming Windows version and what it will look like. Twitter users @AndItsTito and @GrandMofongo found three new Windows 10 SKUs in the released Windows 10 Build 16212 pkeyconfig. The three new versions are Windows 10 Pro N for Advanced PCs, Windows 10 Pro for Advanced PCs and Windows Server 2016 ServerRdsh.

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The new versions are expected to focus on simplifying things for Education and Enterprise users. Windows 10 Pro for Workstations (now possibly called Win 10 Pro for Advanced PCs) will reportedly have licensing and optimizations for powerful multi-core PCs with masses of RAM and petabyte hard drives. Further, the N additions are made with Europe in mind, allowing users to choose their own media player and the software required to manage and play DVDs, CDs and various other digital media files, notes MSPU.

Windows Server 2016 ServerRdsh will target servers used as a Remote Desktop Session Host, which is a server that hosts Windows-based programs or the entire Windows desktop for remote desktop service clients. For functions like saving files, running programs and using network resources, users can simply connect to an RD Session host server. This RD session host server can be accessed with the help of a remote desktop connection or by using the RemoteApp, notes MSPU.

What’s special about the Workstation version?

Windows 10 Pro for Workstations is designed with four key capabilities, including the ReFS file system that was launched with Windows Server 2012. Under the Workstation mode (also one of the features), Microsoft is looking to design the operating system in a way that offers the best performance and reliability in graphics.

Another feature that Microsoft will bake into the Win 10 operating system is a resilient file system which is a new version of NTFS, one of the core features of Windows over the past several years. The company has designed ReFS for fault tolerance, handling large volume data, auto correction and various other features. ReFS will also be compatible with NTFS, notes MSPU.

Further, the new version will have SMBDirect protocol-based file sharing and high throughput, low utilization of CPU, and low latency while accessing network shares. Another key feature will be expanded hardware support, wherein the hardware support in Windows 10 Pro for Workstations will be extended to include machines supporting a maximum of 4 CPUs and memory of up to 6 TB.

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