Microsoft Face Swap App Now Available For Android Users

Microsoft Face Swap App Now Available For Android Users
Image Source: Microsoft (screenshot)

Face Swap is now available on Android. The latest app, which comes from the Microsoft Garage team, not only swaps faces but also allows users to change the background of a photo and much more.

Face Swap is simple, fun and easy

Microsoft’s Face Swap app is powered by automatic face swapping technology and a powerful Bing image search. The new app enables the user to swap the face and background of a photo. Further, the built-in Bing search lets a user search for a scene the selfie can be fitted into. There are also various other options available to users, such as changing hairstyles and trying on different fashions.

Microsoft’s Face Swap app also empowers the user to do fine-tuning like getting the correct skin tones, lighting conditions, turns and tilts of the heads, and so on. This fun, practical app can also process and place multiple faces in a single scene and allows the user to swap multiple faces in a group photo.

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At the launch of the app, Garage team member Phil Rogan said, “The power of Bing search and our intelligent face swap makes every swap a delight.”

The team explained that Face Swap was developed from conception to app store over the course of five months by an incubation team within the Bing group. The team was comprised of developers working from remote locations, enabling them to work around the clock to make changes in the product.

Unlike other face swapping apps, everything in the Face Swap app works automatically, and there are no Photoshop skills required, notes NDTV. Face Swap is simple to use, as a user just needs to get a good selfie in proper lighting. Thereafter, picking just your face, the app allows you to start swapping from current options. Users can also search the web via Bing for more images to swap the face with. These swapped photos can be saved and shared.

Focus on Android: Microsoft doing the right thing

Microsoft is now taking greater interest in designing, improving and updating its apps for Android rather than for its own mobile operating system. The move is self-explanatory, seeing the worldwide popularity of Android and a huge gap between Android and Windows. It is also good to see that Microsoft is not just focused on sharing its productivity tools meant for business. Rather, it is also looking to get into playful and practical apps such as the Face Swap app.

As of now, the Android app is available in Australia, Canada and the United States. The app will be launched for iOS users and in more regions in the coming weeks. Android users can download it from the Google Play store for free. Face Swap is truly a free app, as it is free from any ads and does not include in-app purchases, according to Android Headlines.

Early reviews on the Play Store are positive. Surely, the intent of the app makers is to indulge users in face swapping and trying new hairstyles or outfits in a fun way, but there is no doubt about the fact that sooner or later this app, like Snapchat’s face swap feature, will be used for hilarious and disturbing swaps.

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