Laurence Fink: Investing For Retirement And The Future Of The US

A interview with the founder and CEO of the worlds largest asset manager BlackRock, Laurence Fink. In this interview Laurence discusses how you should invest for retirement and what products to invest in. Laurence also talks about the future of the US and how Donald Trump could have an impact on it.

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Laurence Fink: Investing For Retirement And The Future Of The US

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Laurence Fink
Image source: YouTube Video Screenshot

Video Segments:

0:00 Introduction

2:22 When you were growing up, did you ever think you would be running the world's largest money management firm?

2:51 How do you think the US economy is doing?

4:32 Did you know Donald Trump before he was elected?

5:08 Did the markets get ahead of itself in the Trump rally?

7:34 Is it wise for the federal reserve to raise interest rates?

11:35 Thoughts on the dollar?

12:14 Is it realistic that a tax reform can take corporate rates down 20%?

13:45 What goes on in Donald Trump meetings?

15:43 What should a non professional expect on a investment?

18:34 What rate of return should you expect on fixed income/ equity?

19:44 What is realistic to be done in infrastructure?

24:12 What's wrong with short term investing?

28:10 View on indexing vs active investors?

31:18 How does someone invest with BlackRock?

31:59 What made you go to the east coast after university?

33:05 If you went into equities, would history be different?

33:24 What is securitization of mortgages?

34:11 What gave you the idea to start BlackRock?

36:32 Going to pitch Blackstone?

37:34 Getting bought out

38:13 What did you do to build the biggest firm?

40:50 Two biggest acquisitions?

42:58 What is your day like?

44:12 What do you do for rest?

44:57 What are you most proud of?