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This iPhone 8 Concept Running iOS 11 Shows Off Smart Invert

Apple fans were long expecting the Dark Mode on iPhones. At the WWDC earlier this month, the tech giant announced a new feature called Smart Invert in iOS 11. Smart Invert is close to the Dark Mode. Concept designer Vianney Le Masne has come up with an interesting iPhone 8 concept running iOS 11, which shows off the beauty of Smart Invert.

Want to hold this iPhone 8 concept running iOS 11 in your hand?

Masne discusses the concept in detail in a Medium post and has published the video on YouTube. Masne is the same designer who created a stunning concept video imagining the Dark Mode on iOS 11 in March. Since the iPhone 8 is getting a major design overhaul with an edge-to-edge OLED display, it is not yet known what the iOS 11 would look like on the 10th anniversary iPhone.

Various leaks have suggested that there would be a cutout near the top bezel to accommodate the front camera, iris scanner, and other sensors. The screen space on both sides of the cutout will show the icons for battery, time, signal strength, and WiFi. Masne’s iPhone 8 concept running iOS 11 uses some creatives techniques such as fades and blends to enhance the user experience on the edge-to-edge display.

Masne says Apple could use one of the three ways to minimize the visual breaking points on the iPhone 8. The Cupertino company could use fade-outs to make the screen blend into the edges, or it could just make the top bar black. It could also tweak the iOS 11 to use the maximum screen real estate on the iPhone 8. While the other two methods look good, the Fade to Black indeed stands out.

iPhone 8 Concept Running iOS 11
Image Credit: Vianney Le Masne / Medium.com (screenshot)

Masne’s iPhone 8 concept running iOS 11 imagines an evolved home button on the right side of the phone, consistent with the Apple Watch Crown. It could also serve as the power button. That seems interesting considering Apple has been facing technical problems integrating the fingerprint sensor into the display, and the company is reluctant to relocate it to the back panel. Apple recently patented the technology that allows it to integrate the fingerprint sensor into the power button.

Here’s what Smart Invert looks like on this concept

The interface would look like it is now during the day, but the apps would become more immersive. The designer says the iOS 11 would focus less on the top navigation bar, which is difficult to reach. The Smart Invert would come into effect when in the dark. It would reduce the strain on your eyes while saving the precious battery life.

iPhone 8 Concept Running iOS 11 Smart Invert
Image Credit: Vianney Le Masne / Medium.com (screenshot)

Masne says the Smart Invert is unlikely to turn on automatically after sunset by default. Many people are used to the current look and feel of iOS since the original iPhone, where the dark text is placed on white background. Apple may allow users to go to Settings and specify the time when they want the feature to turn on every day. Since the iOS 11 will have a customizable Control Center, users could also place the Smart Invert toggle in the Control Center for quick access.

Videos in portrait mode could be cropped slightly

Talking about the video viewing experience, the designer says users may have to sacrifice the corners of the videos in portrait mode. But the landscape mode would offer much better experience because the sides of the display would go black to maximize the video. Masne points out that people usually watch short social media stories and videos in portrait mode, but switch to landscape mode for longer videos such as Netflix.

iPhone 8 Portrait Mode
Image Credit: Vianney Le Masne / Medium.com (screenshot)

Masne’s render looks amazing, but it’s not the first iPhone 8 concept running iOS 11 to hit the Internet. Earlier this month, designers at iDropNews came up with a similar concept to show what the iOS 11 would look like on the 10th anniversary iPhone’s 5.8-inch bezel-less display.

iOS 11 to be an exciting operating system

The iOS 11 will bring major design changes and new features such as a revamped Control Center, an improved Maps, a revamped Apple Music, a smarter Siri, and peer-to-peer payments via Apple Pay. It also has a new feature called Do No Disturb While Driving to mute all the notifications when you are driving. The Photos app gets a new High-Efficiency Image File Format that reduces the file size of photos to save storage space.

The biggest highlight of the iOS 11 will be augmented reality. Apple has given developers a new set of tools known as ARKit to build augmented reality experiences into their apps. While the AR apps would work on all the iPhones and iPads compatible with iOS 11, only the iPhone 8 is said to have all the necessary hardware components to take full advantage of the feature.

Supply chain leaks suggest the iPhone 8 would hit the stores about a month later than usual. The device is said to be unveiled in September, along with the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus. But it will reportedly go on sale in mid-October. According to a Foxconn insider, the iPhone 8 would feature 3GB RAM and 128GB/256GB of internal storage.

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