iPhone 8 Concept Features SD Card Slot, Headphone Jack, Vertical Cameras

iPhone 8 Concept Features SD Card Slot, Headphone Jack, Vertical Cameras
Concept by ValueWalk

ValueWalk has produced an iPhone 8 concept design which provides an insight into the way that the Apple flagship may turn out. In order to create these images, ValueWalk looked at some of the most prominent predictions for the iconic handset, along with some features that Apple fans would particularly like to see included.

Wraparound display

And top of the list for this iPhone 8 concept is the inclusion of a wraparound display which almost completely dominates the front panel of the device. This must be the worst kept secret in the consumer electronics industry since the Apple Watch emerged years after it was first rumored.

All of the talk in the media regarding the iPhone 8 has been of the inclusion of an OLED display which will define the next-generation smartphone. Apple will enlist the assistance of its great rival Samsung in delivering this feature, with the Korean corporation expected to be the main supplier of OLED panels.

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In imagining this iPhone 8 concept, ValueWalk has produced a smartphone in which the screen takes up virtually the entirety of the front display of the casing, with bezels eliminated almost entirely.

This very much tallies with predictions on the iPhone 8, although we have opted against including a curved display, even though predictions of this feature have been fairly common. Many consider curved screens to be somewhat gimmicky, and there is no doubt that the iPhone 8 would sell superbly without such a display being part of its armory.


The iPhone 8 concept produced by ValueWalk also includes a dual-camera setup that we strongly believe will be part of the final design of this handset. There have been numerous media reports pointing to the inclusion of a vertically-aligned dual-camera on the iPhone 8, with the intention of delivering augmented reality applications.

iPhone 8 concept back
iPhone 8 Concept By ValueWalk Team

With dual-camera provisions becoming almost standard in the smartphone industry, as indicated by the recent OnePlus 5, it is anticipated that Apple will deliver this feature in the iPhone 8. Aside from the augmented reality benefits, this will also improve the photographic capabilities of the smartphone, and particularly deliver improved shooting in low-light conditions.

Slim design

The ValueWalk iPhone 8 concept also incorporates a particularly slim design. The wafer-thin iPhone 8 concept reflects the tendency of Apple to place an emphasis on this design parameter in its smartphone releases.

We therefore expect the iPhone 8 to be the thinnest smartphone that Apple has ever produced, as the consumer electronics giant attempts to create a flagship that really attracts attention.

Headphone jack

Another interesting feature that ValueWalk has included in this iPhone 8 concept is a headphone jack. The 3.5mm headphone socket was removed from the iPhone range when the iPhone 7 was released. Apple instead favored a wireless music playback system, but this did not necessarily find favour with all iPhone consumers.

ValueWalk has thus envisaged how the iPhone 8 may turn out if the 3.5mm headphone jack is reinstalled, surely a move that would be popular with consumers of the device. Don’t necessarily hold your breath for this to be included in the final device, though, as Apple is unlikely to bow to consumer pressure alone.

SD Card Slot

Also visible on the exterior of this iPhone 8 concept is the inclusion of a micro SD card slot. This would enable consumers to boost the memory of the iPhone 8 flexibly, ensuring that it could be extended beyond the maximum that Apple offers innately.

iPhone 8 Concept By ValueWalk Team
iPhone 8 Concept By ValueWalk Team

This would undoubtedly be a really popular feature, particularly as Apple has often been criticized for producing hardware that is too buttoned-down and restrictive. It would also make sense to some extent, as Apple ensured in the recent iPhone 7 release that the amount of storage provided was rather large.

Nonetheless, Apple does not have a history of delivering micro SD in the iPhone series, so the inclusion of this SD card slot is more of a fantasy than a likelihood.

iPhone 8 concept specs

While this iPhone 8 concept represents our imagination of the Apple flagship rather than tangible technology, ValueWalk also anticipates certain specifications being included in the final release. In particular, recent reports strongly indicate that Apple is ready to increase the resolution of its smartphone to quad HD, with 5.8-inches being a likely screen size.

iPhone 8 concept headphone jack
iPhone 8 Concept By ValueWalk Team

A larger battery will also probably be included, likely to be in excess of 2,500 mAh, and it will be possible to charge this cell wirelessly. Apple is expected to include a new form of wireless charging technology which will enable iPhone 8 consumers to recharge their devices at an impressive 15 feet away.

Finally, a new A11 chip will be included in this smartphone, with Apple possibly also delivering the first ever octa-core smartphone. This tenth generation device should certainly be well worth waiting for.

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