An interview with Jonathan Gray, Bill Ackman and Joseph Harvey on CRE

An interview with Jonathan Gray, Bill Ackman and Joseph Harvey on CRE
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Published on Jun 7, 2017

An interview with Jonathan Gray, Bill Ackman and Joseph Harvey. In this interview the three men discuss investing in real estate and different strategies for investing in real estate. They also talk about the state of the real estate market in the US compared to Europe and other countries.

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Video Segments:
0:00 Introduction
0:58 With the increase in foreign investment, can you get the same returns you could in the past? (Jonathan)
3:07 Is it logical for real estate investors to lower expectations for returns? (Joe)
4:51 How attractive is US real estate? (Bill)
7:41 Is a REIT IPO an exit strategy? (Jonathan)
11:30 Is commercial suburban real estate a sucker bet? (Jonathan)
14:19 Is there a company structure for secondary assets? (Joe)
18:33 Is the message of the bond market telling us the US could become Japan? (Bill)
20:40 What does a movement in interest rates do for real estate? (Jonathan and Joe)
23:40 Can you see a situation where people are moving out of apartment into single family homes? (All)
27:05 Is bigger better? (Joe)
30:27 What is the mission for the new fund? (Jonathan)
31:52 How do you react to US REIT buying outside of US? (Joe)
34:22 Is JC Penney a good or bad business? (Bill)
40:39 Will Wall Street have the patience for JC Penney? (Bill)
42:10 Where does GGP go from here? (Bill)
46:04 Is this going to be a non event? (Jonathan)
48:10 More opportunity in Europe?
48:24 Start of Q&A
48:28 In Europe are the sellers or assets distressed?
51:34 Internet and JC Penney?
56:00 What types of business can you put into a REIT structure?

Interview Date: 19th April, 2012
Event: 17th Annual REIT Symposium
Original Image Source:

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