Groper Insurance is Popular; Is Rape Insurance Next?

Groper Insurance is Popular; Is Rape Insurance Next?
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College Students Already Taping Their Sex, But Rape Insurance Would Help
WASHINGTON, D.C. (June 2, 2017): A company offering “groper insurance” (technically a “false groping accusation benefit” policy) which guarantees to provide immediate legal assistance if its male insureds are falsely accused of groping, reports a growing number of customers – at least in Japan where Tokyo’s very crowded subway trains trigger an avalanche of complaints by female passengers.

In the U.S., where many argue that one in five female college students is the victim of sexual assaults, and with a reported 205% increase in reports of sexual assault (from 2,200 in 2001 to 6,700 in 2014), perhaps male college students should be purchasing the same protection, just as an increasing number are videotaping their sex acts, says public interest law professor John Banzhaf.

Indeed, the American Bar Association reported on the phenomena in an article entitled “Video Evidence is the Latest Defense to Rape Charges,” based largely upon Banzhaf’s research.

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The groper insurance covers the legal costs of policy holders who are accused of groping female passengers, and alerts lawyers practicing in the vicinity of the alleged groping incident.

In the future, the company might even offer self-protection suggestions to persons finding themselves in such situations, just as many auto insurance companies tell their insureds what they should do – and not do – in the event they are involved in an automobile accident.

Banzhaf, who has written extensively about campus date rapes, and whose suggestion for dealing with them is about to be tested, reports that many young men in college, initially confronted with a charge of rape, make serious mistakes in responding; mistakes which can very seriously damage their changes of later putting on a successful defense.

He notes that, almost always, they do not know where to turn for legal advise and counsel, especially in the initial stages of an investigation, and parental assistance and contacts may be of little value if the student’s college is located far from the family home.

Having legal counsel to knowledgeably advise the student what to do and what not to do can be very important, says Banzhaf, but just as important can be an attorney ready, willing, and able to sue the college – and in appropriate cases administrators and even accusers – to put pressure on them before the accusation is adjudicated, or to overturn an adverse decision once it has been rendered.

Since many such actions have been successful, and courts seem to be increasingly willing to award damages to males falsely accused or unfairly adjudicated, the costs of providing effective legal representation to the accused might even be offset by a share of the damages which are recovered, he says.

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