Google Pixel 2 Will Be A Real Challenge For Apple’s iPhone 8

Google Pixel 2 Will Be A Real Challenge For Apple’s iPhone 8
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The Google Pixel 2 will be one of the more important hardware releases of 2017, particularly as the mega-corporation will probably release three models of the smartphone range. These are most likely to be branded as the Pixel 2, Pixel XL 2, and Pixel XXL 2, although the names of these devices are certainly not set, at least publicly.

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Google uncertainty

It is also not absolutely certain that we will see three Google Pixel 2 releases in the calendar year, as the approach of Apple will likely significantly impact on Google’s decision-making. It is generally believed that the Californian corporation will release three versions of its iconic iPhone range for the first time when the iPhone 8 is unveiled.

And Google is highly likely to follow suit, with the Pixel XL 2 set for release in October of this year, following the schedule for the original Pixel handset, which hit the stores on October 20, 2016. Of course, Google cannot literally copy Apple, as the design and production schedule for the smartphone will make this impossible, but a company of the size of Google will probably be able to monitor what Apple intends to achieve with the iPhone 8.

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While there have been rumors that the iPhone 8 could be delayed in 2017, it is still pretty likely that Apple will unveil the tenth generation of the smartphone range in September. This has been the month of choice for recent iPhone devices, and there is no doubt that Apple would choose to repeat this once more in an ideal world.

OLED challenges

However, problems with sourcing the OLED panels that are expected to be included in the next-generation iPhone 8 could result in the smartphone’s release date being pushed back. There have even been suggestions that Apple could abandon its plans to release the iPhone 8 in 2017 completely, with upgraded iPhone 7S variants appearing instead.

But with the manufacturer wishing to acknowledge the landmark tenth anniversary of the iPhone range, it seems pretty certain that Apple will release the much vaunted iPhone 8 alongside two iPhone 7S models. The iPhone is usually the defining device of any hardware year, and with Apple expected to include some revolutionary new features in this latest iteration, this is certain to be the case once more with the iPhone 8.

Thus, if Google is to establish itself as a major player in the smartphone marketplace, arguably something that it has failed to do thus far, it must deliver an outstanding Pixel 2 release. Information from the Android Open Source Project has already revealed that there are three Google Pixel devices planned for the forthcoming months, and these have already been codenamed as Walleye, Muskie and Taimen.


Specs for the Pixel XL 2 have already appeared on GFXBench, meaning that we already have a good idea what to expect from this next generation handset. Firstly, the XL 2 will be based on the Snapdragon 835 chipset already included in the Galaxy S8. This is clocked at 2.35GHz, with Adreno 540 graphics also included. This should make the Google Pixel 2 a pretty powerful performer, especially considering that the price tag of the device is likely to be more affordable than the premium iPhone 8.


GFXBench lists the RAM memory of the Pixel 2 at 4GB, which is likely to be greater than that of the smartphone version of the iPhone 8. It is probable that Apple will include 4GB in at least one model of the iPhone 8 iteration, while the smartphone-sized device will probably have 3GB of RAM as standard.


It is also noted that the Google Pixel 2 will benefit from 128GB of storage, which is somewhat less than the 256GB expected for the iPhone 8. it is extremely unlikely that the Google Pixel 2 will feature a micro SD slot, meaning that purchasers of the devices will be stuck with 128GB as a maximum. Whether this can be deemed satisfactory given the storage requirements of modern applications and media is debatable, and Apple certainly makes this storage a priority in its device range.


It is expected that the Google Pixel XL 2 will include a larger 5.6-inch display, with a unique resolution of 2,560 x 1,312 pixels. This is not technically quad HD, but it can be regarded as being very much in this ballpark. This probably means that the display of the Pixel XL 2 will be smaller than that of the iPhone 8, but it is not known what resolution Apple will include in his flagship smartphone.

Meanwhile, the Google Pixel 2 will probably have a smaller screen than the Pixel XL 2, although it may be slightly increased from previous generations. With Samsung having included an outstanding display resolution in the Galaxy S8, possibly ramping this up further to 4K resolution with the Galaxy Note 8, and quad HD becoming standard in the industry, there will be pressure on Apple to deliver a similar screen resolution for the iPhone 8. 4K has also been popularized by the video games industry.

Google Pixel 2 Price

It is highly probable that the Google Pixel 2 will retail at a more affordable price tag than the iPhone 8, particularly as it has been strongly rumored that the next generation Apple smartphone will retail in excess of $1,000.

Google cannot really afford to release devices at this price point, and it is largely expected that the Google Pixel 2 be priced similarly to the previous generation. This means that even the Pixel XL 2 will only cost $769, while the smaller Google Pixel 2 is likely to retail at around $650.

With Apple and Samsung being so dominant in the upper echelon of the market, Google must essentially establish a mid-range niche for its products if it is to become a significant player in mobile technology.

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  1. “Saying the next Pixel is Google’s second attempt at a smart phone is an out right lie”

    Bizarre comment. Google does not keep it a secret so your comment is a little baffling.

    Google only did software for the Nexus line and used an OEM for the hardware aspect.

    With the Pixel Google is doing both and so for example is handling the supply chain and I suspect why they struggled to meet demand.

    It is pretty evident when you look at a teardown BOM.

    They are using a wide assortment of company parts and then add another company with HTC assembling the parts which are from OTHER companies.

    Google was going to use an HTC battery after the Samsung issues but ended up using an LG battery.

  2. Steven, I suspect the Pixel will end up like Chrome the browser. It was an insignificant blip on browsers for years and years but kept chipping away a little each year. Now Chrome completely dominates but it was most definitely not overnight.

    But I agree it will take several years before the Pixel starts showing up in market share numbers. I suspect Google has the patience and will just keeping pushing taking a tiny bit more share each year.

  3. It should NOT be necessary to buy a high end smartphone. But if having a fluid experience without jank or lag is important you really only have two choices today. Either you buy an iPhone which is expensive or you buy a Pixel which is expensive.

    I think if one of the Android OEMs can create a phone that is fluid like the Pixel but is a lot cheaper it would be a huge success. Google has proven it is possible with Android. Also an Android phone that does not slow down with time.

    If you look at the cost of parts in the iPhone or Pixel or an inexpensive but nice Android phone they are all generally about the same. The iPhone is a completely different OS so you can see that being different but the head scratcher is why is the Pixel so noticeably smoother than other Android phones?

    Pick one up and play with it for a little bit and it is very noticeable.

  4. I would not use the word “dumb” but rather humans like low friction in decisions. The iPhone choice is still a very low friction decision for people. In a weird way it is similar to something in IT in the very old days. Nobody was ever fired for buying IBM.

    My son is using Chrome. Ask him why? Because that is just what you use. He creates a Gmail account for himself. Ask why and he tells me that is just what you do. He uses Spotify and ask why? Same answer.

    The big problem for Apple is they are not growing any longer. They need new things. iPad unit sales have now declined for 14 straight quarters. Apple has not leveraged the iPhone into other products.

    Apple is actually going backwards with doing things like ending development of the AirPort line. The HomePod will be an utter disaster. Even the other Steve said yesterday.

    “In the realm of AI, Steve Wozniak says Google is superior to Apple”

  5. Google and Apple will be releasing their new phones about the same time so these additions are NOT subject to anything they are “monitoring” from the other. It does not work in real-time. Shorter time frames today but still not real-time.

    We can also see the “monitoring” of Apple is not really happening any longer like it use to. Look at the removal of the headphone jack and Samsung kept it and so will Google. As it was just a stupid move.

    Google and Samsung have OLED and Apple is rumored to bring it to the iPhone. The list is pretty long.

  6. If the Pixel 2 has a headphone jack it will be my next phone. I purchased a Pixel 1 for my son last Christmas and was so surprised that it was fluid. I mean fluid like an iPhone is fluid. My son has now had it for about 6 months and no slow down. I am sold.

    I get the secure feeling most years on the iPhone being released but this is a pretty weird year. Apple is rumored to be making some pretty big changes and they have struggled getting things to market on time. Look at AirPods last Christmas.

    So I do NOT think it is a sure thing that Apple gets a new iPhone to market in quantity before Christmas.

  7. My question is again how come Google can decide arbitrarily not to provide updates to there phones after 2 or 3 years, they expect consumer to fork up $600-$700 every time they stop providing updates to the latest and greatest updates…LOL
    At least with iPhone owners you are not obliged to purchase a new phone every couple of years as updates are sent out to ALL for 4-5 year old phones also.
    Google has never admitted to how severe the fragmentation of Android is and How are they planning to fix it, Since they have Billions of poorly informed people using them.

  8. Google will monitor what apple achieves with the iphone 8, Just like apple monitoring everything the Samsung S8 achieves, right down to every single feature the S8 has. All those so called features all at once will look like a revoultion. But to other players its just advancing features yearly, as the iphone 7 in late 2017 still has an archacic 750ips screen, a 2k Amoled will look very futuristic im sure to the i brigade, but its been dramatically improving on Samsung handsets every year since 2010 it dosent look like a revoultion on any modern Flagship bar the iphone, same as fast charg same as wirless charg same as eye recognition to pay and unlock all these features are usually considered a Gimmick untill the cult of apple get it, 750P TO 2K Amoled Wow! Sounds Awesome ?

  9. Samsung, a copy cat garbage company that makes garbage phones. Can’t wait for them to get killed off by the Chinese phone manufacturers.

  10. the pixel line isnt just rebranding. They’re making phones to compete with the big guys, not making phones to undercut the big guys with cheaper alternatives. That’s more than a rebranding. And it’s just their 1st year. Google is bigger than samsung, samsung uses google’s OS, and at the end of the day no one can make a phone better suited for android than google. Don’t underestimate them.

  11. yes, and yet, that’s the only tablet developers can use in order to be able to get a taste of what the android future looks like… and that development tablet does not even have a larger form factor, does not go beyond 64gb SSD and has no microSD, no fast charging. it is, if you want as idiotic as ChromeBooks not being usable to develop android apps on them. go figure.

  12. I make a living developing both iOS and Android apps. I noticed the decline of Android and Google, mostly because of their inadequate business model and lack of competitive hardware and even software for both phones and tablets. when it comes to android tv, what a joke. do not know much about android auto…

  13. sure, if you say so, especially if you account for $30 android phones from 3rd world countries and the android phones rusting in warehouses, unsold for years, definitely, you are so so right

  14. to replace a screen with a new one, Apple OEM is $102 here (Pensacola, FL) and to replace a battery, again with Apple OEM, brand new is $25-$35. I did that few months back for my daughter’s iPhone 6 plus (not even 6, she has a 6 plus) the battery was great but I said “why not”?

  15. not true at all, I still have older iPhones working and being updated. the battery life on an iPhone 4 (quite old) is very good. plus, you can literally go to the corner store (battery plus) and have your battery replaced in 20 minutes and $25 with a new one, apple OEM. try that with any android phone and let us know how it worked.

  16. it is as simple as this. if you buy an iPhone, you get something made by a software and hardware vendor, not by a spammer. it does not have to be new, nor expensive (there are deals in apple – refurbished section and all over the internet). once you get one, you expect to be fast, safe and constantly upgraded by the vendor. the vendor wants the same, to keep you happy. everything is clean, adds free, hack free. with less hardware resources and less ram, you get a superior experience, and a better resale value when you decide to move on. battery life is completely superior, you can read it outside, better parental control, better everything. this is not a paid advertising from any corporation, just an observation and I am a developer for both android and iOS and used both platforms since they were born. this is a fact.

  17. second thing to understand is that google is not a hardware vendor, not even a software vendor, they are spammers. they sell information and advertising. what would one expect from them?!?

  18. yes, we do understand, this is good for google and very bad for customers, because their entire business model is based on fragmentation and conflict of interest between hardware manufacturers (who want you to buy a new phone) and customers (who want to have a comfortable, safe and maintain experience, fully supported in time). if you want, google model is somehow similar to Microsoft’s one in the 90s…

  19. virtually nobody would need microSD if google would be smarter than shipping a 2 years old tablet (Pixel C) with up two 64GB SSD and no microSD card (it does not get any dumber than this)

  20. More alternate facts from a Google apologist. Saying the next Pixel is Google’s second attempt at a smart phone is an out right lie. The simple fact is the Pixel phone (like every Nexus before it) excited only the Google fans that sleep with their Larry Page dolls at night. From a market standpoint, they have been, and will continue to be, blips.

    The Pixel line is just a rebranding of Nexus to wash the bad taste out of their mouth. Much like .mac, MobileMe, window Phone, Wave and dozens of other products from companies, attempts at remarketing failed products under new names is tried and true.

  21. Its not that Google Pixel wont do well, it will, and most likely make record sales. But the American people will still continue to buy the iPhone no matter how expensive because American consumers are extremely dumb and almost 99% of the American public is under debt of some sort and most of that debt is on things such as phones. It serves them right that they got a tyrant of a President elected because they have no respect for themselves or any pride.

  22. The first major smartphone to have a microSD in it will win my wallet over. Until then, I’ll just continue to use my old smartphone until it’s sunset by the company.

  23. “My comment was spot on given the article.”

    Then why are you talking about a 7.5 year old device in an article about a device being released six months from now?

    Because you’re an Apple fanboy?

  24. My comment was spot on given the article. The Pixel is an insignificant spec in the smartphone landscape and will cause neither Samsung nor Apple any heartburn. The Nexus One was Google’s first attempt and it was a lemon through and through. Horrid color. Cellular connectivity issues. Hard to read text. Poorly updated. Poorly supported. The Pixel is just a rebranding hoping the gullible will forget the various Nexus debacles.

  25. It’s not user-serviceable, and it costs $129 for Apple to replace an iPhone 6 battery, which I don’t consider “a minor sum of money”.

  26. You do know, an iPhone’s battery is replaceable;e for a pretty minor sum of money? Oh snap. Google has a terrible track record with keeping Nexus phones up to date. This goes as far back as the Nexus One.

  27. They are Google-designed phones manufactured by a contractor. This is common information.

    “Google has conveniently stopped providing updates more than 2 years ago on all of them”

    Which gets you three years on the phone if you buy it at release date. Three years is pretty much the end of life for phones given battery life and wear and tear. BTW, how’s the battery life on the four-year old iPhone? I bet pretty bad.

  28. Samsung and apple have been manufacturing phones for 10+ years. This is google’s 2nd real attempt. The nexus line was all about affordability, this time it’s all about flagship. Kind of a dumb comment.

  29. Um oooookay. They also are really lousy at transporting you from one place to another. A cheap car does better than the most expensive smartphone at this. Same logic.

  30. First thing to understand these are not Google made phones, Google does not manufacture any phone, I have owned 3 nexus branded phones Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Sony Ultra Z. Google has conveniently stopped providing updates more than 2 years ago on all of them, so why would any one buy a Google Phone with latest software but will not be updated beyond one or two cycle if you are lucky! My wife has a 4 year old iphone which still gets supported of any and all updates from Apple. I have been a loyal android fan since 2007 but no more until Google does fixing of Fragmentation of Android operating system….

  31. Since a large number of phones are amazing devices these days… even the $200-$300 models… there’s no reason for me to pay 3-4 *TIMES* the price… just to get a very slightly better phone. Even more so when those “better phones” just have features I don’t really need.

    I don’t need a stunning camera to be 10% beyond stunning.
    I don’t need an amazingly fast CPU to be 5% faster than amazing.
    I don’t need an extremely thin device to be 0.1 inch thinner.

    What I *DO* need… are mostly being ignored by manufactures:
    A battery that can be removed/replaced in 10 secs.
    100% waterproofing.
    A simple 3.5mm headphone jack.
    A simple microSD slot.
    A non-glare screen that can actually be seen outdoors.
    A screen that doesn’t shatter just by 1 drop.

    Conclusion: You can buy $800-$1000 phones. I’ll *NEVER* pay more than $200-$300 for my stunning phone. I know companies have to make a profit. Your foolish purchase will help pay for my smart one.

    Everyone, *PLEASE* buy more $1000 phones.

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