Google Is Asking Users To Send Their Best Pixel Photos

In an interesting Pixel campaign, Google wants users to add the hashtag #teampixel on the Pixel image that they think is the best and share it on Twitter or Instagram. Once Google agrees with the user’s thought about the shared photo, it will contact them directly and put the image as a Chromecast background screensaver to be admired by millions.

The kind of photos Google wants in Pixel campaign

Google has also shared some tips for users interested in the Pixel campaign. According to the company, the content in the photo could be anything, such as animals, abstract images, macro, nature, landscapes, textures, cities or buildings. Users are not allowed to share images of people, watermarks, brandings and logos.

All the photos for the Pixel campaign should preferably be landscape orientation, although this is not mandatory. Further, as the viewership will be extended to millions of devices, the photos should be family-friendly photos.

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Usually, the screensavers for the Chromecast come from Google+, art pieces or satellite imagery of the planet. Like for these screensavers, credits for the photos from the Pixel campaign will likely be mentioned in the bottom right corner of the photos, notes 9to5google.

Last year, the company promoted Google+ photos in a similar way by putting them as a MacBook screensaver. All the Google+ members who wanted their clicked pictures to be featured as a MacBook screensaver had to share their photos publicly on Google+. Those who did not want to enter the contest were simply advised to turn the option off in the Google+ settings. The selected photos were thereafter displayed as screensavers with a digital clock and the name of the contributor.

For now, Google has stated that the photos will be used only as a backdrop on the Chromecast. But the photos shared during the Google+ campaign last year made their way to a dedicated screensaver and later on to the Android as Wallpaper app.

Setting the stage for next-gen Pixel handsets

Google has been looking to hard sell its camera for quite some time now. When Google ditched the Nexus brand to go with Pixel, the new name did give some hint of Google’s focus on camera abilities. Thereafter, the search giant also claimed that the Pixel has the best camera ever on a phone.

By promoting its Pixel brand camera with the latest campaign, the search engine giant is setting the stage for the next-gen Pixel and Pixel XL. According to XDA-developers, the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL will come with 5.99-inch and 4.97-inch screens, respectively. The Pixel 2 (code-named Taimen) will have the bigger OLED screen at 5.99 inches and 1440 pixels, whereas the Pixel 2 XL (code-named Walleye) will have a 4.97-inch display.

In the upcoming Pixel 2, a dual rear camera concept to enhance low-light shooting is a prominent possibility. However, the Pixel 2 will not the first phone to feature a dual-camera on the back; therefore, to up its game, Google is considering a 13-megapixel unit and a few other additions. Separately, reports are also indicating that Google has started working on the Pixel 3 (code-named Muskie).