Gold PS4 Leaked Images Revealed Ahead Of June 9 Launch

Gold PS4 Leaked Images Revealed Ahead Of June 9 Launch
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According to a Reddit user, who just happens to work for the US retailer Target, a Gold PS4 could launch as soon as June 9, next Friday. Now, Sony is yet to say anything about such a new color choice officially, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. Here’s what you need to know, about this color update.

Gold PS4 – Fact or Fiction?

Obviously, there’s no way that we can answer the above question; however, we’re interested to hear what you think. Would a gold PS4 be of interest to you, are you bored of the matte black finish of the PS4 slim? After all, right now that is the only choice you have when it comes to a Sony console purchase. Yes, back when the first console launched it had a two-tone finish, and there have been special editions released. But, again the only device you can pick up from a shelf is the Matte black PS4.

The Leak

As for who the leak came from, that’s a Reddit user, with the name of Sliye. Apparently, the details of a Gold PS4 showed up at Target on equipment related to stock. Since then he has managed to get a picture of the packaging for the console and leaked it onto Reddit. You can see the image that he shared via Reddit below. It looks like your typical PS4 Slim. Just with a gold paint job and a 1-Terrabyte hard drive included.

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Now, if you think this could be fake, other Reddit users who commented on Sliye’s post backed up the existence of a Gold PS4.

Reddit user Christopher_Maxin said:

“Walmart put them out early, but the register locked up when I tried to buy one. And when the staff realized their mistake, I snagged a pic before they brought them out back.”

Gold PS4 leak
Screenshot Source: Sliye/Reddit

Another Image

According to AllGamesDelta, it has managed to source another image of the Gold PS4. However, this time it’s on a shelf with a price tag of $249 USD. As for detail, there is none, however, what we can take from this is that Sony isn’t asking for the Gold console.

So, basically, what this is, is a color upgrade, there’s nothing new about the 1TB drive size. That was introduced to the PS4 Slim back in April because users had been complaining that 500GB was no longer enough. Having said that, the surprise back then wasn’t the size increase, it was that there wasn’t a price increase. Which as we’ve already touched on looks to be the same again for this color variant.

Desirable, Yes or No?

If the above images of a Gold PS4 turn out to be of a real soon to be launched device, that’s great. However, we would question Sony’s choice of color, why Gold? Usually, outlandish colors like this are seen as special editions which come with a specifically bundled game. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case here. Instead, we could be getting a not so great looking console, one that would stand out almost anywhere. Why not, Midnight Blue, or Crimson Red?

Fingers crossed we get some answers before June 9, if we do, we will publish them straight away.

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