The Checkpoints For Endpoint Security

The Checkpoints For Endpoint Security
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Jay is working from home, a file was just downloaded by Sharan from a corporate server using the coffee shop’s WiFi, Romy is talking to the client on-site trying to fix an issue. Well, this is the scenario of business process in a digital world. But this also comes with its own risk –  meet Endpoint security.

Now, as this develops, we know that the world and the business we operate is vastly connected. The latest index report by a California based company cited that cloud services are growing at a rapid state and generating an unprecedented amount of data that is been churned out by the users and their devices. As the future becomes a connected entity, we are going to see cities becoming smart cities that are going to generate large amounts of data.

As things move to the cloud and more users go online and get connected, surf the internet, download file, click on email, connecting to network, means they are exposing their device to potential threats. Not a day goes by without us hearing an incident of malware or ransomware attack that uses endpoint to gain access. The way people work in some way puts the Endpoint Security at risk. So how do a corporate network ensure that their employees don’t fall victim to such cyber attack.

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In the latest series, we heard, the massive WannyCry ransomware that went on to create havoc across thousands of companies in 100 countries. Take the case of British Airways flight that was grounded due to the failure of their IT system. It’s another paradigm about the vulnerability of the cyber world. Though the BA flight failure was caused due to power supply, but then it shows our dependency on IT. Hence it becomes important that IT security is given priority.

Companies need to ensure that they take care of the Endpoint security, even for their employees who are working from distant locations. You need to embrace technology that addresses all points of Endpoint Security, and what is required to block threats, and emerge successfully.

Just by blocking the threat or making a deep analysis of the advanced threat is not enough. The solution should ensure that users always experience seamless connection without obstructing productivity and ensure safety from anywhere. The Endpoint Security solution should also ensure devices are compliant according to the organization’s security policy.

The checkpoints that should be taken into consideration when implementing Endpoint Security

  1. The user should connect back to the enterprise from any device to get their job done. Whenever they are remotely connected they should be able to connect back to the office behind the firewall. Also, when they connect through public WiFi it should secure them in a way that no one intercept their network and take away confidential information.
  2. The devices that connect to the corporate server are specific and securely compliant. The user should be automatically authorized to access data from the given devices after passing through the authentication. Armed with updated anti-virus and malware protection software that mitigate the risk of threat to Endpoints.
  3. Employees devices should be protected against malicious attack, user should not bypass organization’s VPNs, and should be immediately blocked. Employees and their devices should be protected against malicious attacks, and should be debarred from downloading files.

In the age of mobility devices, hackers are coming up with new methods to launch attack. This makes Endpoint security so important, and it should not only provide protection, but also be compliant too.


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