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predictive analytics

Can Theme-Based ETFs Hack It in Portfolios?

Can Theme-Based ETFs Hack It in Portfolios? Have you heard of HACK or CIBR? SLIM or MENU? IPAY or ITEQ? These are just some of...
William Green

William Green On Outtakes From The Great Minds Of Investing

William Green On Outtakes From The Great Minds Of Investing This landmark book provides a rich array of perspectives on 33 of the greatest investors...

A Fireside Chat with Guy Kawasaki

Published on Apr 27, 2017 Guy Kawasaki shares his experiences and ideas around innovation, enchantment, social media, evangelism, and entrepreneurship. Guy Kawasaki is the chief evangelist...
Modern Middle East

5 Maps That Explain The Modern Middle East

Nation-states are the defining feature of the modern political era. They give people a collective identity and a pride of place… even when their...
Bond Market Risk

Taking Control of Your Bond Market Risk

Rising interest rates. Stretched valuations. Populist politics. These are some of the challenges bond investors face today. They’re also reminders of why it’s so...
Impactful VC Teams

The 20 Most Impactful VC Teams (V1)

Last week, Social Capital founder and CEO Chamath Palihapitiya published an article on Medium that scolded the Forbes Midas List. He argued that the...
Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs Co-Head Of M&A In The Americas To Retire

Goldman Sachs partner Stephan Feldgoise is set to retire, remaining as an advisory director—a title often given to outgoing Goldman executives who don't begin...

A World With ZERO Car Accidents In 30 Years?

Car accidents seem to continuously be on the rise with 40,000 deaths and over two million injuries in the U.S. in 2016. But what...

Tesla EV Of $70 Billion Is Heading To Zero: Stanphyl Capital

Mark Spiegel’s Stanphyl Capital had a killer year up close to 31% in 2016 and some small caps are up several hundred percent– see...
Samsung Galaxy J7 Explodes

After Note 7 Fire Fiasco Samsung Galaxy J7 Starts Exploding Too

UPDATE: ValueWalk has now spoken to Naureen Ahsan exclusively on the matter, and she kindly recounted precisely what occurred. "This occurred on the second day of...

Your Opportunity Lies Here [CHARTS]

“Change of a long-term trend is usually gradual enough that it is obscured by the noise caused by short-term volatility.  By the time secular...
Social Media

Influencing The Influencers: Using Social Media To Find Top Customers

Wharton's Gad Allon discusses his research on using social media data to identify a company's top customers. Listen to the podcast: http://d1c25a6gwz7q5e.cloudfront.net/audio/20170105-KW-NF-Allon.mp3 Social media offers an almost...
5th generation war pakistan india

Pakistan-China Ties Soar As The U.S. Pivots To India

Having just lost India to the U.S., Pakistan pivots to China, elevating Pakistan-China relations to a brand new level. What has been speculated for...
San Francisco Disruptive Innovation

San Francisco Area Attracts 35- 40 percent of all U.S. venture capital Investment

When people think of San Francisco, they might think of the Golden Gate Bridge, cable cars, Chinatown, the 49ers or Giants. I’m a fan...
Berkshire Hathaway B shares Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett Destroys Investment Fund Managers & Winning $1 Million Bet Index Funds Beat...

Warren Buffett is an American investor, businessman and philanthropist. He is regarded as one of the world's greatest stock market investors, and is the...