Win A Galaxy S8 From Sprint With A Little Help From Your Pet

Sprint is giving away 16 Samsung Galaxy S8 handsets this month as part of a contest called “Twin To Win.” Do not let the word “twin” confuse you. It does not mean you must have a brother or sister for this contest. It is all about you and your pet.

How your pet could help you win a Galaxy S8

In the contest, the wireless carrier wants to know what kind of chemistry you have with your pet. The best pair will be rewarded with a Galaxy S8 from Sprint. This contest will run until May 29, with two random submissions being gifted with Samsung’s most recent flagship each day with no obligation to use it on Sprint’s network. However, the official rules do not specify whether the device comes unlocked or not, notes Android Headlines.

To enter the contest, you must send in a photo of yourself twinning with your pet. You have to take a picture with your pet and post it on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. You can post on any of the three platforms depending on which social network you prefer. For one user, the entry is limited to one per day per platform, so you can enter once per day on each social platform to raise your chances of winning Samsung’s latest flagship, notes AH.

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You will have to leave a comment embedding your photo on Facebook, and you will be required to add the hashtags #Sweepstakes and #Twin2Win at the end. On Twitter, you will be required to follow @Sprint and then post the image on your profile with the two hashtags mentioned before for Facebook. On Instagram, you will also be required to follow @Sprint and post your picture with the two same hashtags, notes SamMobile.

Know the rules well

According to the rules, the submission cannot contain any sort of references to drugs, alcohol, gambling, or any violent, copyrighted, or suggestive imagery. This, according to AH, also means that if the participant posts a picture containing any sort of logos or a photo of their pet sharing a PlayStation game with them, they will be disqualified.

This contest by Sprint is open to all U.S. residents above the age of 18. Winning participants will get a direct message on the platform that they used to enter the contest. However, they are required to answer that message within 24 hours, or their prize is canceled. The winner will then have to sign an affidavit within five days once the prize is claimed. The wireless carrier will get the right to use the picture you submitted if you enter the contest.

Samsung’s latest flagship is not getting the same amount of love and dedication from other U.S. wireless carriers that its predecessor used to get. Sprint, the fourth largest wireless carrier in the U.S., is the only one to promote the smartphone with significant discounts, notes FierceWireless, citing data from BayStreet Research.

“While we were expecting slightly more aggressive GS8 promotions y/y, T-Mobile preferred to remain on the sidelines, allowing AT&T & Verizon to offer relatively weaker GS8 launch promotions vs last year,” said the research firm.