Walter Schloss : How I Choose Value Investments In Stocks

Walter Schloss : How I Choose Value Investments In Stocks

A Q&A with value investing legend, Walter Schloss. In this video Walter discusses how he learnt about value investing from Benjamin Graham and the techniques and philosophy he uses to invest in stocks. Walter also talks about when to sell a stock and whether he prefers a outstanding price or an outstanding business when choosing investments.

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Video Segments:
0:00 Introduction
0:20 Starting a fund
2:12 Start of Q&A
2:17 Your relationship with Benjamin Graham?
5:16 How do you chose stocks?
9:43 What process do you follow to minimise mistakes?
12:34 When a stock goes down, do you automatically buy more?
15:34 How can you tell if the stock will never recover?
17:27 The margin of safety?
18:53 Have you ever made a mistake because of your emotions?
23:17 Would you rather buy outstanding companies at fair price or fair companies at a outstanding price?
28:25 3 key personality traits that are essential to being a value investor?
31:35 You have lived through 17 recession, do you feel the next one is any different? Is it a better time to buy a stock?
35:47 Has the market become more efficient?
38:39 Views on diversification?
41:46 Raising capital for your fund in the 1950’s?
44:42 Your biggest mistake?
49:08 Views on China?
51:04 When to sell?
57:20 How much would you allocate to a individual stock?
59:51 Do you rely on financial reports or outside research?
1:01:04 How do you become comfortable with different industries?
1:04:36 What do you think about special voting classes of shares?
1:07:11 What is the important thing in investing and life?

Interview Date: 12th February, 2008
Event: Ivey School of Business
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