Wall Street Fraud Watchdog Now Offers A EB-5 Visa Investor An Unsurpassed Service

Wall Street Fraud Watchdog Now Offers A EB-5 Visa Investor An Unsurpassed Service
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Wall Street Fraud Watchdog Now Offers A EB-5 Visa Investor an Unsurpassed Service Designed to Ensure They Do Not Get Cheated on Their Investment or Gouged with Legal or Broker Fees

WASHINGTON, May 10, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — The Wall Street Fraud Watchdog says, “We have designed an unsurpassed due diligence service for a EB-5 Visa investor/applicant that will ensure the property or business opportunity they are being offered is real and not a fantasy. As part of this service we will also suggest lawyers who are ethical, skilled and affordable. Additionally, we will attempt to negotiate a reduced finder fee/broker fee from the regional center. Frequently the regional center and the broker are one in the same and their broker/finder fee is $50,000. Why pay a finder/broker fee to the same entity that is the developer or owner the investment?

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“If you are a potential EB-5 Visa applicant/investor please call us anytime at 866-714-6466 before you give a regional center any money. Why waste your money on an investment opportunity that may never make money or that will cause you to lose your entire investment?” http://WallStreetFraudWatchdog.Com

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The Wall Street Fraud Watchdog’s Due Diligence Service For a EB-5 Visa Applicant/Investor includes the following:

  • “Suggesting some of the most skilled and experienced EB-5 Visa attorneys in the United States that are affordable and who have a very successful track record in obtaining an EB-5 Visa for their client. We do not want a EB-5 Visa Applicant to overpay on legal fees.
  • “Our due diligence service and inspection report will detail the potential upside for the property along with the current real estate market conditions where the property is located. This will include us traveling anywhere in the United States to personally inspect the property/investment opportunity to confirm it lives up to the representations made in the prospectus and or offering by the Regional Center. If we see a problem with the property or business opportunity we will highlight this in our report. Problems could include vacancy issues, market over saturation of similar type properties, or issues related to the location or condition of a business opportunity.
  • “Upon seeing the property or business opportunity we will contact our EB-5 Visa applicant client and if possible suggest a reduction in the broker/finder fees.”

Special Note: Please do not trust a EB-5 Regional Center with the promotion of investment opportunities especially if the Regional Center is exclusively focused on investors from China, Russia, South or Central America. The Wall Street Fraud Watchdog does not work for Regional Centers or a law firm. They only work with specific EB-5 Visa Applicants/investors to ensure their money is being wisely invested and not wasted.

The cost for this service is $7500 US. The Center’s goal is that their fees are offset by cost savings received by the EB-5 Visa applicant/investor.

For information about recent a EB-5 Visa fraud scheme involving Chinese investors please review the April 10th 2017 news article titled “Your only opportunity to get rich in America”: Inside LA’s alleged $50M EB-5 scam: https://therealdeal.com/la/2017/04/10/your-only-opportunity-to-get-rich-in-america-inside-las-deceptively-simple-50m-eb-5-scam/

The Wall Street Fraud Watchdog is concerned US based law firms with offices in China, Central America, the Middle East or in Europe could be more interested in legal fee generation for the law firm-than a high quality outcome for a EB-5 Visa applicant. At the same time, they are not confident all EB-5 Visa Regional Centers have a make sense investment product for the EB-5 Visa applicant/investor. Their initiative is all about protecting the EB-5 Visa program applicant/investor and their money with their affordable due diligence services. “Why settle for less?”

For more information related to investment due diligence report for a potential EB-5 Visa investor, please contact the Wall Street Fraud Watchdog at 866-714 6466. http://WallStreetFraudWatchdog.Com

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