How To Sideload Kodi 18 Leia Nightly On iOS 10 Without Jailbreaking Your iPhone

How To Sideload Kodi 18 Leia Nightly On iOS 10 Without Jailbreaking Your iPhone
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If you have ever wanted to have a taste of Kodi on your iOS 10 running iPhone, but don’t want to jailbreak. There’s some good news, you can get the very latest version of Kodi 18 Leia Nightly on your device by sideloading it. Meaning that jailbreaking is not required, and we’re going to tell you how to do it. So, should you have a few spare minutes, it’s worth following the tutorial below.

Kodi 18 Leia Nightly On iOS 10

If you’ve never heard of this version of the popular media management software, you’re probably not alone. As it is the latest version, which comes with various fixes that make it more streamlined and smooth running. So, if that sounds like something you would like to give a try, you can start the process by reading the requirements below.

Sideloading Requirements

Whatever the tutorial, there are always requirements, with this one being no different. At this point, just read through the list below, and make sure you have everything before moving on.

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1. To start with, you’re going to need the Kodi 18 Leia Nightly API file. That can be downloaded from here. After which, you should save it in a place for later.

2. Next, up you need a copy of Cydia Impactor, whether you’re using a Mac, Windows, or Linux computer there is an option for you. So, choose correctly, you can get it here.

3. Last on this requirements list is an up to date version of iTunes. Please update it now, and then move on.

During the following process, you will be asked to read and repeat many steps. We suggest that you read them individually, and act upon them when understood. Doing so in this manner has been proven to reduce the risk of errors and mistakes from happening.

How To Sideload Kodi 18 Leia Nightly On An iPhone

1. Connect your iPhone to your computer via USB.

2. Earlier you download Cydia Impactor, got to it, and Run its exe.file.

3. When Cydia begins to run it will detect your connected iPhone. Go to Cydia’s drop-down list and Select It.

4. Going back to the above Sideload Requirements you downloaded the Kodi IPA file. Find it and Drag it into the open Cydia Window.

5. Once the above is completed, you will be asked to enter your Apple ID, enter your paid developer account details if you have one. This will prevent you from having to resign the app’s certificate every 7-days.

Fortunately, as most do not have paid developer accounts, there is another way. And that is to get a Free Apple ID. You can get one here.

Note: While there look for and select APP-SPECIFIC PASSWORDS, and then click Generate Password. Unfortunately, this is the method that will require a certificate resign every 7-days, but as it is free it’s worth it.

6. When you have entered your ID/Password, Cydia Impactor will start to Sideload Kodi 18 Leia Nightly on to your iPhone. At this point be patient, and Do Not touch your handset or the computer.

7. After say 5-miniutes, Cydia should have completed the job (may take longer). You should now be able to see a Kodi app icon on your iPhone’s home screen, but Do Not Tap It.

8. Before running the app, you need to Trust its Certificate, go to Settings >>> General >>> Profiles. Followed by Selecting the Apps Profile and then Trusting the certificate.

And that’s it; you can now launch Kodi 18 Leia Nightly on your iPhone as you would any other app. The fact that you have sideloaded it means, that even without a jailbreak, you no longer have to miss out on all the media management goodness.

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