Pokemon Company Gives Magikarp Its Own Separate Mobile Game

Pokemon Company Gives Magikarp Its Own Separate Mobile Game
Image Source: The Official Pokémon YouTube Channel (screenshot)

Magikarp, the popular floundering fish from Pokemon, is set to star in a new game now. The Pokemon Company has shocked everyone – though pleasantly — with the release of the new game dubbed Pokemon: Magikarp Jump for Android and iOS devices. The game is now available in Japan, but it was actually launched in Italy first.

What’s Magikarp Jump all about?

In Pokemon: Magikarp Jump, players are required to take care of Magikarps and train them, with the objective of becoming the best jumper worldwide. If you do not know, the Magikarp is an iconic fish that can be seen in the Pokemon games. Users who can collect up to eight badges need to take care of their fish by feeding her berries and going to training sessions to jump their way through the league to become a champion.

The game features easy controls which are accessible to players of all gamer levels and ages. Basically, the user just has to tap the food that appears on the screen and give it to their Magikarp. Next, they have to complete the jump training to increase their level in the game. The fish monster will retire at level 20 after passing several challenges successfully. However, players will be left with a descendant who is stronger than the previous generation, notes Attackofthefanboy.

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Players will see some guest appearances in the game as well, such as Snorlax, Litten and Pikachu. These guest Pokemon will help in boosting the food supply, training speed and jump power of the fish monster, notes Polygon.

Smart move from The Pokemon Company

The Pokemon Magikarp has earned the devotion and love of fans even though it is described as unreliable, pathetically weak, and useless, which pretty much sums the creature up as the weakest Pokemon ever, notes Attackofthefanboy. It also cannot be ignored that the Magikarp Pokemon is known mostly for one move, which is its useless Splash attack, notes Polygon.

However, despite all that, the creature has become the perfect candidate to get its own video game spin-off. It is, no doubt, a smart move that the gaming giant has used the main, albeit useless, ability of the Magikarp as a main focus of the game. The fish monster will finally get a chance to show off its abilities.

Magikarp Jump is all about making the fish jump and not about the conventional battles one sees in most Pokemon games.Magikarp Jump sounds like an ideal casual game for the summer, as it features simple but very interesting gameplay, along with common charming designs. The best thing about the game is that one can download it for free. However, it does include in-app purchases.

Except for the soft release in Italy, followed by the recent launch in Japan, there has been no word about Magikarp Jump being released in other countries, but we are hoping that the Japanese company will soon announce release dates for the U.K., U.S. and Europe soon. The game is being managed by Japan-based developer Select Button.

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