Jeff Bezos – How To Start A Business

    Published on May 23, 2017 Founder & CEO Jeff Bezos gives wise advice on how to start up a business

    Jeff Bezos – Engineer, Online Retail Entrepreneur, Technologist, Philanthropist, Investor – Known as the founder of Amazon, which is one of the largest websites in the world-

    notes – well begun is half done
    fragility to antifragility to robustness as you get larger
    on focus
    doing what is correct at the right time

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    This video includes:
    -Amazon’s customer focus
    -Long Term Strategy in business – for businesses such as Kindle or Amazon Web Services (AWS)
    -Building a flywheel to bring customers and revenue for the long-run
    -On Massive Investment in Infrastructure and Employees
    -Corporate Structure & Management
    -Hiring A Team
    -Startup Success vs failure
    -Differences in Internet and Physical Retail Stores
    -On Luck & Diligence
    -& other ideas for entrepreneurs

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