Is Jared Kushner The Downfall Of The Donald Trump Presidency?

Is Jared Kushner The Downfall Of The Donald Trump Presidency?
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Is Jared Kushner the middleman between Russia and the U.S. responsible for Moscow’s alleged meddling in the 2016 election? The FBI is investigating Kushner’s meetings with Russian officials, as the son-in-law of U.S. President Donald Trump and arguably one of the most influential White House advisers has become a person of significant interest in the Russia probe.

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Politico calls Kushner a “shadow secretary of state” in the Trump administration. There have been reports that the FBI has been finding links between the Russians and Trump’s son-in-law, which could become a big headache for the President, who is already facing incredible impeachment pressure.

The shift in the FBI’s focus to Kushner in the Russia probe is bringing investigators to Trump’s inner circle, which could – in theory – lay the groundwork for additional pressure on Trump, whose potential impeachment offenses continue to mount. Kushner, who is married to Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump, is said to have held a series of meetings with high-level Russians both before and after his father-in-law won the election in November.

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The FBI is now investigating those alleged meetings as part of its large-scale probe into Russian meddling in the 2016 election and related matters.

Could Kushner become the catalyst of Trump’s impeachment?

While Kushner has yet to set the record straight about his meetings with high-level Russian officials, the FBI’s interest in Trump’s inner circle has caused quite a stir in Washington. Kushner is now the only current White House official known to the media to be considered a target of the Russia probe.

The FBI is also investigating both former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn and former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort’s possible ties to Russia. However, Kushner is becoming the central focus of the investigation, which could take a gloomy turn for the Trump presidency if his alleged ties to Russia are confirmed.

Kushner, however, is not being accused of any wrongdoing yet. Trump’s selection of his son-in-law to serve as one of his advisers triggered an uproar in the media, with experts raising questions about nepotism laws in the U.S. A son-in-law is considered to be a “relative,” according to the 1967 federal anti-nepotism law, so Trump’s appointment of Kushner in the White House is also coming under increased scrutiny.

Kushner’s alleged meetings with Russians make him a person of interest

Kushner is not being accused of anything, yet the FBI is said to be focused on investigating several alleged meetings with the Russians during the presidential campaign and after Trump’s election victory. In early December when Trump was President-elect, Kushner reportedly had a low-key meeting with the Russian ambassador to the United States, Sergey Kislyak, in New York City.

After the December meeting, which according to The New Yorker, citing an unnamed White House official, lasted “just for a few minutes,” Kushner allegedly sent a deputy to meet with Kislyak. Flynn, who also finds himself at the center of the Russia probe, was also reportedly present at the meeting, and a little later he reportedly had a phone conversation with the Russian ambassador to discuss Western sanctions imposed on Russia after the 2014 annexation of Crimea.

The alleged conversation between Flynn and Kislyak – and the now evident fact that the former national security adviser initially mischaracterized the conversation to Vice President Mike Pence – prompted his firing from the White House. That clearly shows that the December conversations between Kislyak, Flynn and Kushner require closer investigation.

December was pretty eventful for Kushner as he also reportedly met with Sergey Gorkov, the head of Vnesheconombank, the Russian bank that was hit by U.S. sanctions. The details of their alleged conversation remain under wraps. But Kushner may have had exchanges with the Russians not only after Trump’s election victory was announced, but also long before. In the spring of 2016 – when Trump was considered the underdog in the election – Kushner may have met with the Russian ambassador at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington. The two were present at an event which saw then-presidential hopeful Trump make a controversial speech in which he promised to seek closer ties with Russia.

Did Kushner trigger Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election?

If Kushner and Kislyak did hold a meeting last spring, then it could explain Russia’s aggressive push to influence the U.S. election. Then-CIA director John Brennan told Congress on Tuesday at a hearing about Russian meddling that he started noticing suspicious activities around that time, according to The Washington Post.

Brennan alleges that in spring 2016, he started noticing that the Russians actively and aggressively started reaching out to people from Trump’s camp. While it’s unclear whether it was Kushner’s alleged meeting with the Russian ambassador that gave the green light to meddle in the U.S. election, Brennan alleges that the Russians started influencing it around that time.

Brennan – speaking from his experience in “many counterintelligence cases in the past” – alleged that when Russians want to spy or get involved in other nations’ affairs, they reach out to individuals from that nation to either “suborn” or blackmail them to “try to act on their behalf, either wittingly or unwittingly.”

“And I was worried by a number of contacts that the Russians had with U.S. persons,” Brennan told Congress.

That’s the period of time when Russian officials allegedly started holding meetings with members of Trump’s campaign, according to Brennan, who said he had been keeping an eye on the meetings after noticing strange activities. What puts Kushner in the center of the Russia probe is that he did not disclose his meetings with the Russians on security clearance forms, according to The Washington Post.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions also reportedly held meetings with the Russians which he omitted on security clearance forms. Other members of Trump’s presidential campaign, namely, former campaign manager Paul Manafort and adviser Carter Page, had had close ties to Russia even before spring 2016.

What is Kushner hiding?

While Kushner’s role in Russian meddling in the 2016 election, if any, is yet unclear, the FBI is determined to find evidence that the Russians were influencing or trying to influence members of Trump’s presidential campaign to interfere in the election.

It’s now clear, however, that Kushner’s influence in the White House is rather impressive, as he was part of the President’s delegation on his first foreign trip as president earlier this week. While Kushner is a notoriously private person – he rarely speaks in public – he is constantly seen in the Oval Office with his father-in-law.

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  1. No she didn’t cheat anyone our of anything. You being a Trump supporter aren’t smart enough to figure that out. I can hardly wait until the true facts about this election finally get out. I mean the real truth!

  2. People go to hell for slandering other people. I haven’t lied to you, what’s up with the slandering? How could eternal damnation be in anybody’s best interest? Satan’s name in Hebrew means “Slanderer”. Why be in such company as his?

  3. Lies or an alternate view of the universe? Republicans lie, it’s what they do. It’s what they’re good at. However, not all Republican lies are completely untrue. Making women get the same as what men receive would hurt the economy. There is mathematical proof of that. The same can be said for racial fairness in a racist economy. Pushing through to the future is what Democrats are good at, but we can only know if we’ve gone and lost the American people when we lose elections.

  4. I recruited Bubba and Hillary Clinton. Bubba told me he couldn’t do it. So did Hillary–but not in so many words. Bubba said that since he didn’t know his father, he couldn’t run for anything. I disabused him of that silly notion and insisted he run, giving him specific policies to promote and objectives to pursue.
    I inadvertently recruited George W. Bush, too, and recruiting “Mr. Clean” Clinton and his ultra-nice, ultra-good manners Hillary Clinton to run for POTUS was atonement. Ann Richards, I recruited her. Steve Spielberg, I recruited him, too, but more of an aside like.

    Trump can just pardon Flynn, which he will do if he is a man with guts. His talking to Comey, the last of the Bush administration and doubtless a Bush brothel-goer/enflurane victim or something nutty.
    Trump is under attack from his own government functionaries, I dare say many Plumbers Death Squad members among them. The Bushes had to placate their Cuban henchmen and give them high jobs with great salaries and shower them with presidential favor, government grants, etc. The Plumbers take their orders from Poppy Bush.

    Trump can pardon himself, but it might lead to self-incrimination and an impeachment with conviction in the US Senate. They’ll work it out before that happens, though.

  5. I picked up George W. Bush on I-10 in front of the main gate of his AFB in May of 1971 and drove him back to Texas. He told me all about his step-father, George H.W. Bush killing his real biological father, JFK, showed me the enflurane (which he spilled on himself trying to dose me), so Nixon was indeed protecting his murdering of JFK “that bay of pigs thing” via Bush 1st with his resignation. It is why Bush 1st’s call for Nixon’s resignation terminated his presidency.
    The Plumbers were and are a death squad and a frame squad and a theft squad to gather slush funds. They also regulate the Republican Party to the liking of George H.W. Bush by drugging members of Congress, people wishing to run for office, etc. Gabby Giffords was a victim since the same M.O. was utilized, and her replacement must have had Cuban roots among the Plumbers Death Squad. The frame jobs against Wilbur Mills, Patrick Kennedy, and Teddy Kennedy all used the same M.O. Ted Cruz’s father was with innocent FBI informant Lee Harvey Oswald in NOLA. Ted would not be a college graduate much less a US Senator without enflurane, an inhalation anesthetic that causes both amnesia (with the first whiff) and hypnosis (with the second usually forced drag). Enflurane got George W. Bush the V cards of hundreds of 6th & 7th grader girls in north Dallas suburbs of Richardson, Lake Highlands, Carrolton, and Farmer’s Branch.
    These people are really evil, but they’ve had a calming effect on world politics. The Russians have enflurane, so do the Iranians, who use it against our troops in Afghanistan by drugging assassins among innocent Afghan troopers. Of course, Bush 1st won us the Cold War with it, kept South Africa free by drugging the blank out of Nelson Mandela, freed the Baltic States, Central Europe and divided up the old Soviet Union into parts too small for viability. Russia is completely crippled as a nation because of what Bush was able to accomplish, a masterful job, too, I might add. American freedom prevails today because of President George H.W. Bush’s victory in the Cold War. And George W. Bush, world’s worst serial rapist of teenage girls, put Barack Obama, his employee under Kissinger, to work as a mole with great effect for everyone. African Americans are rightfully proud of the job Obama did. I just hope to God that President Trump hasn’t been turned into Russia’s pumpkin, but if he has, perhaps it will persuade Russia to start behaving itself.
    Sometimes you just have to ask God to help us all live until tomorrow.

  6. Actually. she cheated Sanders out of the nomination so I don’t feel sorry for her at all. Sanders had the poll numbers to win, but she had to have her way and now we are stuck with Trump. She deserves a little Karma.

  7. Correction. The Ford Pardon was only for the duration of Nixon’s presidency, so had anyone thought to do so, they could have bagged him on the JFK killing along with George H.W. Bush, his Plumbers Death squad/Slush fund generator gang leader.

  8. You are mistaken. The POTUS has the power to pardon without limitation. Trump will simply pardon everybody including himself just like Ford did. Ford’s pardon of Nixon forgave him from ordering the hits on JFK, MLK, RFK, George Wallace, and LBJ in addition to the relatively trivial Watergate offenses.
    Mr. Obama could not have prosecuted the Trump team in the time available. Had he, Trump would simply have pardoned them all on day 1.
    Republican presidential candidates have free reign to bargain with every American enemy on the globe to hinder or embarrass the outgoing administration because Nixon and Ronald Reagan both did so without sequelae. The precedent has been set.
    This precedent allows utmost flexibility in foreign policy and gives enemies sufficient hope that last gasp weapons need not be employed. It has made for a safer world if you game it out. You are correct in that those efforts were technically illegal and had Hillary won, she would have had the choice to prosecute or to just accept that Republicans are Republicans and criminal behavior is endemic among them.

  9. That’s just a stupid reply, not so free thinker. Attacking what I didn’t say make you feel good?
    Who knows, there may be foul play – but the title of this article said bad, the content was, well content-less. Anyway, enjoy defending Hillary’s loss. It was clearly due to the Russians and Comey and had nothing to do with the candidates message (lack of) to large swaths of America.

  10. That’s just a stupid reply, not so free thinker. Attacking what I didn’t say make you feel good?
    Who knows, there may be foul play – but the title of this article said bad, the content was, well content-less. Anyway, enjoy defending Hillary’s loss. It was clearly due to the Russians and Comey and had nothing to do with the candidates message (lack of) to large swaths of America.

  11. That’s just a stupid reply, not so free thinker. Attacking what I didn’t say make you feel good?
    Who knows, there may be foul play – but the title of this article said bad, the content was, well content-less. Anyway, enjoy defending Hillary’s loss. It was clearly due to the Russians and Comey and had nothing to do with the candidates message (lack of) to large swaths of America.

  12. That’s just a stupid reply, not so free thinker. Attacking what I didn’t say make you feel good?
    Who knows, there may be foul play – but the title of this article said bad, the content was, well content-less. Anyway, enjoy defending Hillary’s loss. It was clearly due to the Russians and Comey and had nothing to do with the candidates message (lack of) to large swaths of America.

  13. That’s just a stupid reply, not so free thinker. Attacking what I didn’t say make you feel good?
    Who knows, there may be foul play – but the title of this article said bad, the content was, well content-less. Anyway, enjoy defending Hillary’s loss. It was clearly due to the Russians and Comey and had nothing to do with the candidates message (lack of) to large swaths of America.

  14. That’s just a stupid reply, not so free thinker. Attacking what I didn’t say make you feel good?
    Who knows, there may be foul play – but the title of this article said bad, the content was, well content-less. Anyway, enjoy defending Hillary’s loss. It was clearly due to the Russians and Comey and had nothing to do with the candidates message (lack of) to large swaths of America.

  15. That’s just a stupid reply, not so free thinker. Attacking what I didn’t say make you feel good?
    Who knows, there may be foul play – but the title of this article said bad, the content was, well content-less. Anyway, enjoy defending Hillary’s loss. It was clearly due to the Russians and Comey and had nothing to do with the candidates message (lack of) to large swaths of America.

  16. That’s just a stupid reply, not so free thinker. Attacking what I didn’t say make you feel good?
    Who knows, there may be foul play – but the title of this article said bad, the content was, well content-less. Anyway, enjoy defending Hillary’s loss. It was clearly due to the Russians and Comey and had nothing to do with the candidates message (lack of) to large swaths of America.

  17. Communism is a failed utopian dream that has cost millions of lives unnecessarily. Communism ruins the lives of many millions of Chinese people, for instance. I am not a communist. Even the Russians are no longer communists. Decades and decades of failure, lost progress, endless POGRAMs, famines, and evil wars against freedom finally got through to them. Now they’re trying oligarchy in Russia, another low-probability of success system, but far better than communism. It is still just decentralized communism in a way. Hopefully, they will figure that out, too.

  18. My point about bank robbing is perspective. You look at my bank entering and leaving as “potential” bank robbing without evidence, just as you see Trump’s apparent malfeasance. There’s simply no evidence to support your unfounded suspicion.

    One would think that anybody considering illegal activity would take better care than that.

    People engaged in commerce really do just go up and ask their competitors about their new technology. We’ll even ask them how to get around patents, codes, etc., and we get good answers sometimes. I have more than a clue. I have experience that you appear to lack altogether. A new TV set in a living room somewhere, a few lunches, some talk, and bingo, you’re in business. It isn’t Sunday School or Hebrew School, but it works.

    As to your “conspiracy laden” libel, I can only offer that bad thinking does not lower intelligence. Not thinking lowers intelligence, down, down, down, down, down, down to your level, looks like. See nothing, hear nothing, say nothing, be nothing. Be a sheep. It’s a free country.

  19. It WAS billions. One Republican personally spent 145 million dollars on private investigators and attorneys’ fees just to poke around in Arkansas to try to get something, anything, on Hillary Clinton, and that was just getting started. They did turn up something that only an enflurane drugged Republican judge could find significant and they took Bill Clinton’s law license away from him with it.
    Many millions of dollars have been spent to defame the Clintons, too. These are two of the nicest people I ever met and they stood up against that onslaught for all of us and to keep our country free. We owe the Clintons a great debt of gratitude.

  20. The President-elect is the de facto leader of the USA, the lame duck becomes a care-taker and should be responsive to the P-E’s wishes if possible. We cooperate in this country, it’s why we are so powerful in the face of our adversaries.

  21. “Sounds fishy”? Sure, if you are paranoid. Setting up ways to talk to your adversaries can turn them back into friends.
    I’ve used unofficial channels myself. I got Iran to quit its A-bomb work. I got Israel to evacuate Gaza.

    Take this from WE the US. u all should learn to live without labels which comes with class and brands and you know what. one of u said that LIBTARDS. LIVE like a AMERICAN and THINK u r AMERICAN and REMEMBER ur neighbor is JUST LIKE U and have a right to have a OPIINION just like u. Then the life for EVERY ONE is DIFFERENT.

  23. NO, you don’t try to rob every bank or you would be in prison – let’s be real.

    You said: “Any businessman knows that you don’t try to divine what your opponents are doing, you ask your adversary directly when and where they feel most comfortable.” – You really don’t have a clue, do you?

    I’m not even going to engage with the rest of you’re conspiracy laden comment. To do so would render me less intelligent. and lower my credibility to be on par with yours.

    Have a good weekend!

  24. I try to rob every bank I walk into, but I’m foiled by the teller bars! Am I guilty, too?
    Only a complete idiot would put a lot of energy into stealing at the beginning of a potentially brilliant career. It would also take a complete idiot to try to set him up as a complete idiot.
    Any businessman knows that you don’t try to divine what your opponents are doing, you ask your adversary directly when and where they feel most comfortable.
    Besides, our spy services are chock full of Plumbers Death Squad members and their relatives all brainwashed with Bush’s enflurane: amnesia & hypnosis. The NSA and other “spy” agencies have a big dark budget to more easily funnel money into Plumbers Gang family coffers.

  25. Investigations alway start at the bottom and work their way up. Often people will take deals that expose the people above them. Highly political or sensitive investigations move very slow in order to avoid any mistakes. And in no case will an investigation accuse anyone of a crime until they are ready to prosecute.

    Trump fired the person leading the investigation, if it’s related to the investigation that’s obstruction and Trump will be impeached.

    Not disclosing foreign payments is illegal.

    Setting up private secure communication channels with a foreign nation for the purpose of influencing an election is illegal.

    These are serious.

    Kushner and Flynn lied or withheld information on their security clearances which are felonies. This is fact. Generally they don’t prosecute and instead just revoke the clearance. But it’s $10k and up to five years when they do.

  26. I would expect in almost any security role in the government, failing to disclose multiple meetings with Russia during your security clearance process would get you terminated and your security clearance revoked.

  27. So your logic is that if we investigate the current president, then Clinton and Obama will go to jail?That’s a pathetic defence and blatantly an attempt to deflect. Why don’t you instead explain why you think it’s ok for Trump staffers to secretly meet with Russian’s and not disclose such meetings when they applied for their security clearances?

    Clinton has been investigated more than any other American and nothing has ever been found. Neither Clinton nor Obama broke any felony statutes despite what Fox news tells you. I’m assuming you meant ‘felony statutes’ and not ‘felony statues’ as you wrote because I don’t know what a ‘felony statue’ is and it’s quite possible they have been broken, especially if they are ceramic. In any case, despite lots and lots of investigation there’s no evidence of any crimes or felonies. Time to give it up and get on with your life. And in any event, neither are in office so it’s not relevant any more.

    Clinton has been a politician all her life and is a lawyer so she’s very careful about what she does. Trump on the other hand is grossly ignorant of the law and politics, prone to tweeting or speaking without thinking and has a history of suing people to keep them quiet. He has a lot of secrets, including tax filings, that haven’t been dug up. If there’s dirt to be found, Trump has it.

  28. I think by definition any far-left or far-right organization has a bias. But what you said echos what Trump and Fox have been claiming for the last fews months so it makes sense that that’s the only thing you are certain of. Fox news is the master of disinformation and Republicans are more susceptible to “fake news” so you’ve got it backwards. Anything negative about Trump is “demonizing” him, but I’m guessing you think Clinton should be in jail for Benghazi and her email server? If you do, then you’ve already been brainwashed – ten’s of millions of taxpayer dollars went into those investigations and found nothing. They raked Clinton though the mud and yet she didn’t attack the media and fully cooperated with the investigations even when it was inflicting massive damage on her campaign. Meanwhile Trump’s organization has admitted to dealings with Russia, not disclosing meetings during the security clearance process, asked then fired the head investigator after he refused to drop the investigation, carelessly leaked classified information – these are facts and these facts are stronger than anything related to Benghazi or the Clinton’s email server. This has nothing to do with the media or biases or fake news – this is about our current administration having secret dealing with America’s greatest enemy. If someone did this during the Reagan era it would be considered treason, now a lot of those same Republicans want to turn a blind eye and ignore it. In fairness there are a lot of Republicans that support the investigation and this is increasing. There is enough evidence to warrant an investigation and a true American would want to get to the bottom of this – either to prove there’s nothing there or to find the truth.

  29. The same stuff is reported on most all news outlets. The crazy stuff comes from right wing publications… esp about Trump saying Obama spied on him (which I’m sure you guys still believe). All this started because the US routinely monitors calls of Russian diplomats… and one of you guys now say we shouldn’t do that (only because Trump got nailed)

  30. It wasn’t “billions” but all of it turned up nothing… which is one reason Ryan didn’t want to waste more time/money trying to “lock her up”.

  31. I noticed that…. when Mueller was announced as special counsel, the prepared White House statement was “As I have stated many times, a thorough investigation will confirm what we already know – there was no collusion between my campaign and any foreign entity. I look forward to this matter concluding quickly.” I was surprised to read that, and figured it wouldn’t last long.

  32. If you try to rob a bank but get foiled and run out without any money – you are still guilty of trying to rob a bank. That’s a crime. (read between the lines here)

    Jared’s power for now is temporary but setting up business plans for after he’s out of power – that makes sense.

  33. Trying to setup a back-channel thru Syria using Russian encryption technologies doesn’t sound fishy to you?

    Maybe nobody is talking about Clinton and the Russians because they went thru official channels. That’s the difference.

  34. Yeah, but some dim wit decided to reveal the investigation before the crime (money changing hands) was completed. Thus, no conviction, just political smoke. You impugn Kushner’s all about personal gain, but at the risk of all the power he’s accumulated? I hardly think so.

  35. If nothing under-the-table was going on, these guys would have been more up front about it. They weren’t just trading recipes for borscht and salad dressing with the Russians – after being pinned for communication, some would have said “we were just talking about baseball” or whatever. There is too much smoke and defensive denial.

  36. Trump’s wife is doing well to stay away from this guy so she can plausibly say she knew nothing about this crap. I’ve got a feeling she’s not going to move into the White House at the end of the boy’s school year.

  37. Yeah, that was surprising – he’s another white collar wise guy. After reading about Kushner, I see why Trump likes the guy – cut from same cloth. I also see why Kushner and Bannon hate each other – bumping heads over how to be a “proper conniver”. This bunch thinks they’re above the law – they can pull this stuff in business, but they’ll get popped doing it from the White House.

  38. Nonsense. Watergate’s bringing down Nixon was about Nixon’s ordering the hits on JFK, MLK, RFK, and George Wallace by the Bush-led Plumbers Death Squad (that Bay of Pigs thing). McCain never realized that the Great Recession was a put up job to help Bush’s mole, Barack Obama, get elected POTUS. McCain never wondered how Obama could show up at the dawning of the financial crisis fully briefed, fully advised, and ready to proceed or why Obama’s entire fortune was placed into US government bonds before the crisis ever began. McCain’s a putz.

  39. You do realize that Jared was trying to work covertly (ie: don’t let national intelligence agencies know) with the Russians to get the sanctions lifted in order for a Russian bank to fund some of his projects because American and Chinese banks won’t work with him? This is all about personal gain and stinks of swamp water.

  40. The Carl Vinson moving AWAY from Korea when Trump said they were approaching told those with ability to see that there was nothing to fear here, and it helped us to assess everybody’s intel. Plus we got that petty little fatty tyrant to sweat a little. “Good job, Trump.” I say. He’s not a complete nit wit. He won the election against the odds, too. He’s working for us. Let him work. Democrats won’t commit treason to win elections. Lucky we have Republicans who will or else our country would be ever vulnerable to the unscrupulous foreigner.

  41. I’m assuming you are privy to the evidence, or you wouldn’t be making wild speculations here. In America, people are presumed to be innocent until proven guilty. You seem to have forgotten that. Why is there absolutely no discussion about the Clinton’s transition team’s discussions with the Russians? They would have had to be talking to the same people and the same countries. Textbook espionage? Give me a break. Why do the Dems refuse to discuss the DNC email content? Not one of these has ever been refuted. They contain Federal Election Law violations, but no discussion whatsoever.

  42. Well, the press might be liberal (they’re not) but they sure as heck aren’t Democrats. Ask any Democratic office holder if he thinks the press has his personal interests at heart. All they want is a story to ride to high paying jobs on.

  43. That would be true, except that the Nixon/Bush Plumbers Death Squad criminals are ensconced in hundreds of offices under Trump, and they are the ones “investigating”, without any doubt whatsoever.
    The people running this investigation should be wholesale sacked, their papers confiscated, their bank accounts investigated; and they should be replaced with non-Cuban non-Plumbers Death Squad members from field offices of the FBI where competence is commonplace and politics is no consideration in the pursuit of justice.

  44. Yeah, and Hillary welcomed Republicans spending billions of dollars “investigating” them for 30 years up until the very last day of last year’s election. Result? Nothing, pats on the wrist for technicalities, total waste.
    So will you “investigate” Trump (who’s already done more wrong than Hillary ever did) for his entire term like you would have with Hillary Clinton?

  45. Maybe, but not HIGH crimes/misdemeanors. Getting a free lunch from a Russian agent is a crime, too, but it’s not a high crime. Kushner has no criminal intent. He was just doing what Republican campaigns always do, rummaging around in foreign countries for any edge he could get. Kushner will keep his job, his influence, and the Plumbers will start feeling the heat, hopefully.
    The Democrats are going to wait this out. We will not begin anything, we will wait until more than half the Republicans want impeachment. Even then, we will not vote conviction for less than high crimes and misdemeanors.
    If I was a Plumber, I’d take my retirement now and get the heck out of this country. We are coming for you.

  46. Well if Kushner did instigate the Russian meddling I say BRAVO! We need people who can act instead of reacting. We are not at war with the Russians. Indeed, we are at peace. Anybody from our country can talk to anybody from their country and nobody can be convicted of anything so long as they’re not passing money, secrets, or intellectual property and small bits of those are perfectly acceptable.
    The Republicans try to do this at every election. When you shouldn’t be able to win any election, there are fewer Republicans than Democrats, you do what you have to do to win. That drove Nixon to treat with Hanoi against the Johnson administration’s efforts to secure the peace. That drove Reagan to treat with Teheran to distract the Carter administration’s efforts to secure the hostages. If you are leading a country, you have to think in geopolitical terms, and ignore the suffering & dying American servicemen/suffering American hostages.
    Our FBI is chock full of Plumbers Death Squad members in leadership positions. The Plumbers’ fathers/grandfathers shot up and framed the entire Kennedy family because they posed a political threat to Nixon, but also because JFK seduced Barbara Bush when she was a hot college kid (hard to imagine). They rose with George H.W. Bush through the Ford and Reagan administrations, they “partook” of the drugged innocent virgins that George W. Bush drug raped for the Skull & Bones all-time-championship, so we have an entrenched criminal element in leadership in our FBI. Plumbers would receive preference from both the Nixon/Reagan Bush White Houses and from other Plumbers, mostly members of the 5 families. There are hundreds of them. Lucky for us, a whole lot of them are criminal Cubans and many can be deported back to Castro. How likely is that to happen? I’m an American and I dream of freedom.
    So Bravo Kushner, not a Plumber Death Squad member. Do whatever is necessary and get those criminals out of positions of influence, stop their draining of public funds into their family and personal coffers. Wipe out the absurd right-wing John Birch nonsense that has been drugged into the skulls of so many Republican office holders, campaigners, and bureaucrats.
    Sometimes there are just not enough rocks.

    1. It’s a total lie, never happened, fake news.
    2. It happened, but it’s not a big deal.
    3. Ok, it might be a big deal, but it isn’t illegal.
    4. Okay it’s illegal, but Hillary and Obama something something, so it’s ok.
    5. Get over it Libtard, you’re just a sore loser!

    Trump supporters think he will kick out immigrants and re-establish the patriarchy. They think he will get rid of Obamacare, which, ironically, will hurt most of his supporters. Under Obamacare, my previously unaffordable premium is now down to $85/month. My auto insurance is down to $25/month (from Insurance Panda). My homeowners is $25/month too. Under Trump, expect inflation and massive price increases across the board.

    This ship is sinking faster than Trump’s approval rating. Trump’s coverup is getting tinier than his hands too. All these blind Trump supporters wanna do is complain about the media. Please, I’ve seen kids that whine less.

  48. Except it isn’t Dems who appointed this special prosecutor, nor are they doing anythng to make Trump look guilty– he is doing that all on his own. Not sure how you can blame Dems when Trump was the goober that fired the lead investigator then lied like 4 times about it.

  49. IN all honesty, the US president has a wide berth of powers. it will be almost impossible to prove treason or collusion. However, what they are going to get Trump on– is racketeering, money laundering, obstruction of justice, and various other money-related crimes. Trump’s financial ties to the Russian mob underworld are well known. Now a special prosecutor is going to bring them all out into the light.

  50. That’s the thing– if they really felt Trump was innocent– they (and he) would WELCOME this investigation as an opportunity to exonerate him.

  51. The fact that this investigation recently shifted gears from being a counter-intelligence investigation into a CRIMINAL one– means they are going after somebody.

    The fact that Robert Mueller III was appointed means they are pretty sure who the guilty parties are, and are now just going to gather the evidence so they can press charges.

    “He hasn’t been proven to have done anything illegal YET” line of reasoning is just going to end up disappointing you Trump fans BIGLY when the indictments are finally handed down– as they will be.

    Doing business with sanctioned banks, lying on security applications, lying about his meetings with Russia (all of which took place at Trump Tower), and possibly working with Russia to hack the DNC– are all crimes. His suggestion to the Russians that they use Russian cryptology to avoid the watchful eye of the CIA, FBI, and NSA– is TEXTBOOK ESPIONAGE.

  52. What? Are you saying innocent people wouldn’t convene a “war room” to deal with the investigation, instead of just cooperating with it?

    LOL– I agree. So would any sensible non-Trump voter!!!

  53. Here’s some clues for you:

    The investigation into the Russian election meddling– WAS a counter-intelligence investigation. Comey confirmed (right before he was fired to “take pressure off”) that it has shifted gears and is now a CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION. This means they have evidence and are now going to gather it and seek charges.

    Robert Mueller III, a special prosecutor was appointed, with full power to subpeona, convene grand juries, and prosecute.

    This does NOT look like it will end well for you Trumpsters.

  54. First, and foremost, there is absolutely no evidence Kushner violated any laws. The endless speculation (read: wishful thinking) is the clearest representation that responsible journalism by the left has died.

  55. Who is being investigated by a special prosecutor right now, honey? I’ll give you a hint: It isn’t Barrack Obama, it isn’t Hillary.

    Still not sure what you rightwing goobers think you can investigate Obama for? Your wiretapping fantasy got torpedoed out of the water. The Susan B. Rice “unmasking” thing went nowhere. You’ve already investigated Benghazi and the email server to the tune of $14 million taxdollars and some 15 or 16 hearings with NOTHING to show for it.

    “Your delight knows no bounds”? yeah, Trump fans are really happy right now…
    * Travel ban 1 – DEAD and drying in the sun
    * Travel ban 2 – DEAD and drying in the sun
    * Travel ban 3 – Shot down by conservative 4th Circuit Court of Appeals 10-3.
    * Wealthcare reform – Took our GOP Congress 58 votes to finally pass it, now the Senate is going to gut it and send it back to Congress to be voted on another 58 times!!! DEAD on arrival…
    * Lost Carl Vinson carrier group
    * Made absolute fool of himself overseas, apparently still does not know how to shake someone’s hand
    * Even his wife cannot stand him!!!
    * Budget – DEAD and drying in the sun
    * Tax reform – DEAD and drying in the sun
    * Sanctuary Cities crackdown – Also stopped by the courts
    * Being investigated for treason

  56. I am glad that you doubt the allegations and also that you, like your boss, know more than the FBI, CIA, and NSA.

    The desperate cons show their true colors everyday. They fail to
    realize that their irrational hatred of Obama/Hillary was the
    ideological chink in America’s armor that Putin exploited to attack our
    democracy. And they are STILL defending Trump after it was shown
    he shared top-secret codeword intel with the Russians.

  57. I am glad that you doubt the allegations and also that you, like your boss, know more than the FBI, CIA, and NSA.

    The desperate deplorables show their true colors everyday. They fail to
    realize that their irrational hatred of Obama/Hillary was the
    ideological chink in America’s armor that Putin exploited to attack our
    democracy. And the clowns are STILL defending Trump after it was shown
    he shared top-secret codeword intel with the Russians.

  58. I am glad that you doubt the allegations and also that you, like your boss, know more than the FBI, CIA, and NSA.

    The desperate deplorables show their true colors everyday. They fail to realize that their irrational hatred of Obama/Hillary was the ideological chink in America’s armor that Putin exploited to attack our democracy. And the idiots are STILL defending Trump after it was shown he shared top-secret codeword intel with the Russians.

  59. You may be right, but if an illicit link is found, it would be extremely hard for Trump to say–with any credibility–that he didn’t authorize such meetings. At the very least, then, everyone will know that Trump colluded with the Russians (if it can’t be proven), which will make it exceedingly difficult for him to govern, assuming he stays in office.

  60. I am having a hard time finding any of these “opinions” that have not come to pass as the evil liberal news outlets said they would. Everything reported in this article has been reported by all the other major news networks– except FAUX Noise maybe, who is busy still trying to get their Seth Rich conspiracy theory off the ground.

  61. You attack the article, yet fail to raise an objection to even one specific part or factoid in the article you disagree with.

    Sounds to me like you got triggered by an uncomfortable truth. Trump and this corrupt administration is CLEARLY going down. I cannot even imagine the mental gymnastics you have to be able to perform to lie yourself into thinking Trump is innocent at this point.

  62. You people are brainwashed, but I bet you think FOX is somehow a reliable source of journalistic
    integrity? Tell that to the people who donated over $600,000 to FOX’s
    DC trucker strike scam a few years ago. The only “news” network to
    cover a totally fake event.

  63. but I bet you think FOX is somehow a reliable source of journalistic integrity? Tell that to the people who donated over $600,000 to FOX’s DC trucker strike scam a few years ago. The only “news” network to cover a totally fake event.

  64. Jared isn’t going to be the downfall, he is going to be the scapegoat. Look at everything that has happened. Now he can put everything onto the son-in-law whom he doesn’t really like (and at the same time, give his daughter all the marital assets in a messy divorce with a communist traitor) and somehow manage to come out of this smelling like a petunia. Trump is a master at finding scapegoats, and has done it for the past 40 years. Look at how passive Jared is being — lamb to the slaughter.

  65. Kushner, and therefore Trump are not defending themselves because they cannot! Can’t remember? Plain lies, like the rest of the Trump clan. Everything they do are based on fake news they create or has element of lies. We cannot trust them anything anymore

  66. I am absolutely astounded.
    Watching so called Republicans defending Trump,
    without even WANTING to see whatever evidence comes to light.

    Can you IMAGINE what they would be saying……………
    if Hillary Clinton were now our President
    and there were implications of Russian influence being the cause………………….?

  67. American journalism has been dead for a couple of years….ALL we have now is a bunch of morons who feel their OPINION is the news, and then hide behind the first amendment to legitimize their propaganda…..

  68. This article appears to be click bate with a title indicating dire straights, and content that has nothing dire in it.
    Does this sentence make any sense at all “the Russians were influencing or trying to influence members of Trump’s presidential campaign to interfere in the election.”? I doubt the trump campaign needed the Russians influence to try to interfere with Hillary Clinton winning the election.

  69. Huh? I’m saying that the people investigating your boy are YOUR OWN. Not liberals or Democrats. How does your comment fit in this conversation?

  70. Notice how liberals pride themselves on their tolerance, love, and on how they deplore harassment. And yet all of the worst of the above comes from liberals.

  71. I am unsure of many things, but I am certain of this: The far-left media does not report the News objectively. Get a second opinion, for the left’s goal is pushing a deformed propaganda that demonizes President Trump and other good people, and misleads naive readers to believe things that are not true. During WWII Tokyo Rose served that function. Wherever she is today, is where we need to send the liberal press. Of course, The Swamp will disagree.

  72. Ha! If Trump’s cabal isn’t guilty of something pretty serious then why doesn’t he just do everything he can to assist with the investigation? Get it behind him so he can implement that great agenda of kicking 23 million people off healthcare, gutting Dodd-Frank and the EPA and turning his back on climate science, all the while giving the rich a nice little pop.

  73. You are such a goof. Who do you think is investigating Trump? Democrats? Those involved in the IC are overwhelmingly Republican. The problem Trump has is that the IC is also chock-full of patriots who do not like this freak President. YOUR OWN are investigating your boy. And us Democrats are delighting in the spectacle.

  74. If it weren’t for the sad reflection on how you tinfoil-hatters are slowing down the reforms we voted for in the last election, the entertainment factor of watching you develop coronary disease as you try to bring down this presidency would be incalculable. Be aware, though, that as you search for wrongdoing by this president, at some point you are going to provoke a thorough investigation of a president and secretary of state who clearly DID break multiple felony statues. Is that what you want? Barack Hussein and Hillary Ramrod Clinton wearing horizontal stripes? If so, keep it up. Our delight knows no bounds.

  75. Jared walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and is seen in the company of other ducks. Jared is a duck.

    Duck in this instance is a conspirator with a foreign adversary of the US. Jared conveniently forgets a lot, meetings with his Russian handlers, millions in art work investments and a $1 Billion in loans with some apparently coming from Russian banks. I suspect he has been dabbling in both state and industrial espionage advancing the Kushner/Trump real estate empires with Russian money in exchange for information.

    Jared needs to be escorted out of the WH and be put under FBI surveillance until his investigation is complete

  76. A few facts for you numbskulls: Trump has never been a target of the Russian investigation. Jared is a person of interest, which means a witness. TheFBI wants to talk to him about stuff, none of which they’ve so far determined is criminal, most likely the meetings with Flynn (who is definitely going down.) Kushner did nothing but attend meetings with Russia people and Flynn. Setting up a private line is nothing. They already have four with other countries. But hey, you Trump haters believe whatever you want.

  77. Gee…I guess the straight PC’s can’t talk about the weaponization of hypnosis, no? A modern Manchurian candidate? Everyone here is a policito genius…uhuh. Read Russian PSI.

  78. Hmm. What does it say about a person when they support, defend and lets the fact that the person is a liar, an idiot, a sociopath, ignorant, a megalomaniac, likely a crook in his business dealings and has an immature view of himself and the world, have no bearing on their support. It says to me that a person who would happily support someone like Trump in the White House just because they hate Liberals wouldn’t know the meaning of the word ‘Patriot’ if it got carved on a block of wood and shoved up their a$$.

  79. um…constitution doesn’t quite work that way; that is the problem with the left. Don’t like the results? Change everything…the constitution, history, speech, etc etc etc

  80. I didn’t vote for the guy and personally could care less what happens to him….but dems were warned about clinton as well, but no…in their (and her) utter arrogance, they all thought she was a lock, reinforced by a press wedged so far up the left’s *ss that it is irretrievable. Don’t worry about the GOP…it is the democrat party you should be worried about, so entrenched in identity politics that it is questionable whether it will ever be a threat again….worry about how to get the blue collar vote back and less about who can use which bathroom and when, and dems might have a chance next time.

  81. Recent photos of President Trump and his beautiful wife Melania show them looking more couple like. The hand holding may be a strategic maneuver to counter previous embarrassing public rebuffs by Trump’s better half but could also be a genuine rapprochement. Now, returning to the whirlwind he left behind in Washington, DC, Mr. Trump will face continued questions about Russian influence on the election as well as his son-in-law, Jared Kushner’s Russian connection. Hold on tight Melania.

  82. What a bunch of flaming hypocrites the repugnant republicans are. 11 Bengazi investigations and nothing could be found to charge Clinton with. [ FYI i did NOT support her ] Now it looks as if Russia was in bed naked with the God only knows how many members of the trump campaign and administration but these fascists are calling that a waste of time and money. It would be nice if we could start a third party that wasn’t composed of BLATANT hypocrites. Someone that actually knew the meaning of the words “shame”, “modesty”and “morality” and acted accordingly.

  83. Kushner is much more intelligent, and powerful, than Trump; Trump is a pawn of Kushner to secretly advance the Je**sh agenda. People talk about the fact that Kushner says very little, and is hence hard to read. That’s intelligence 101! He is a cold calculating manipulator, just like the rest of the billionaires. I told a friend that I was inspired by Obama, but empowered by Trump; they got angry with me. People, if you want to understand how the REAL world operates, study Trump; Obama is an ideological pawn. Inspiration, but no POWER! Obama could not even positively affect the lives of black people directly; crime and murder rates in the predominately black cities increased under Obama, and he NEVER addressed the issue directly; it is a direct result of the white racist machine that Obama is powerless against. Trump is a master. Obama is a slave!

  84. There will be no downfall as there has been nothing to cause it. Just speculation and sources with no credit. Lot of wasted money! You got Trump for one term and maybe two. All of Washington is bad enjoy the show.

  85. Jared needs to be put through a Vitamix by the media.
    He will be processed by the judiciary system like his father before him.
    This family never seems to learn

  86. It was an eye opener to read today the ex editor of Kushner’s paper reporting that Kushner asked him to organize in the paper the bringing down of someone he didn’t like or who had crossed him. He supposedly said to the editor ”we need to make a hit on this guy”. And the editor replied you can’t say stuff like that..

  87. Leave Hillary alone. She is well qualified to be president and if the extreme right hadn’t spent so much money getting fake news printed about her she would be president.

  88. If the stupid people in the red states keep voting for the extreme right then this country is going down and you Orban are going to twist your underwear into a wad trying to learn Russian. Not that any of you are smart enough to do that.

  89. Spare us any claim that the GOP will have credibility period if Trump goes down in flames… WE ALL TRIED TO WARN YOU HE WAS UNFIT.

  90. I hear you but I think they need to learn the hard way… court rooms don’t care how much misinformation there is or how many ignorant supporters think there is no evidence because “only the lying media says there is evidence”.

  91. What has our nation come to when entire states tune out information simply because they are red?
    Are there no thinking people in those states? I bet there are.
    Are people’s intellects defined by the states that they live in? I bet they aren’t.
    Are you making up facts to support your beliefs? I bet you are.

  92. Hillary would have been just fine. We were worried about her emails meaning she might possibly pose a national security risk? trump just gave away our topmost secrets to the same Russian implicated in collusion with like 5 staffers and the attorney general, banned our press from being there but allowed the Russian media to be there, and then lied about it to cover up his treason. Screw her emails. I’d take her right now.

  93. I did not vote for Trump, and expect him to be impeached. But, anyone who wishes for continued polarity among the people of America, is an idiot, and cannot call himself a patriot. When the investigations are done, most people will understand what is happening, and agree with removal from office. Our national motto is “E Pluribus Unum”. From many, one. Our biggest problem, other than a psychopath in the White House, is a need for fundamental unity.

  94. A-ha! This is all a C-SPAN plot to increase ratings……so they can sell…….even less than no commercials????????? I better work on that one.

  95. We don’t have to say boy, we got him now. We just sit back and watch him impeach himself. Watching the crap from the White House is better than re-runs of I love lucy. He is going down and trying to drag as many of us with him as he can get. Thanks Hillary for cheating us out of our true president, Bernie Sanders. Also thanks Republicans, now you will find out exactly how your president will fight for you. Good luck with that.

  96. Why couldn’t we have had a choice for a president who would have posed no (zero, nil) possibility of impeachment? One who, yea verily, would have evinced no wish among the citizenry to run him or her out of Washington on a rail? How hard could this have been for two large, powerful, massively funded political parties?

  97. you non-college educated idiots will see. trumpy has got many issues to face, and with his temperament he with flail. the more educated folks seriously hate him. it’s a fact that his followers are less educated.

  98. In the last 3 months I have read at least 15 articles saying “Is ( Fill in the blank) The Downfall Of The Donald Trump Presidency? Sorry libs, the answer will continue to be no. The red states tune out this malarkey, knowing the press thinks it must bash Trump every day, even when it’s the same subject. Saturday is usually Russia. Red states control the electoral votes, wish on a star every night, it just won’t help. It is fun to watch the Democrats twist their undergarments into a wad, thinking boy, we got him now.

  99. teh entire family, except tiffany, need to be disposed off like the last czar of russia and family—disappearing ashes

  100. “private person” my ash. If he were private he’d lead a private life and stay out of the WH. He is a total slimeball and so is Trump

  101. C-Span ratings will go through the roof when the impeachment begins. Perhaps Trump will help boost ratings even further with a slow-speed white bronco chase through the streets of D.C.?

  102. We could argue the positives and negatives of Trumps policies all day but when comes to the rules and guidelines of the presidency that a sitting president is expected to follow Trump seems to thinks the rules don’t apply to him and that somehow he knows everything. To paraphrase a classic movie quote. ‘His ego is writing checks that his body can’t cash’

  103. lol…you can certainly wish…but then you have President Ryan!..and you are STILL a bit screwed, aren’t ya? The true, really true answer to your dilemma? Put forward a better candidate next time….

  104. Kushner may become a major factor in possible impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump. My hope is that Trump gets bored, walks off the job, and stops this misery. Then I will work diligently to help bring about the impeachment of President Spence, who sunk the State of Indiana even further than it already was.

  105. It is self-evident that the two would not have gone behind the one’s back, and had the acquiescence if not the originating impetus of the one and only Herr Kool Aid Trump; he who wanted so much to be the plenipotentiary US ambassador and cold war disarmament negotiator to the USSR in 1986 for Reagan.

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