iOS 11 Overhaul: What Apple May Announce At WWDC 2017


WWDC 2017, is Apple‘s highly anticipated developer event, a Place where we and many others expect to get a glimpse of iOS 11. As this year’s event will soon be upon us, we’ve decided to put a wish list together of the things we’d most like to see in the mobile OS update. Carry on reading to find out what they are.

iOS 11, An Overhaul?

Every year, Apple announces a tweaked version of the previous; however, this year many are expecting something more. In fact, while iOS 10 was a great update, it did reveal that a near overhaul is required.

Why? The introduction OF 3D Touch was welcomed with open arms by users, with a hard press new features were revealed. However, some of the additions such as the Today Screen is hardly used. Furthermore, with iOS 10, the Control Centre has become harder to use, and un-customizable. So, something needs to be done to overhaul, because iOS is turning into something that’s rather messy.

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To some, Apple’s need to control a user’s movements within the OS is what is holding it back. With iOS 11, it needs to let go of the reins a little, and allow a user to customize, his/her’s iOS experience. However, to do that, it’s clear that a complete UI (user interface) overhaul is required.

If, and that’s certainly a big one, Apple does capitulate and allows some user control. Here are a few of the new features we would like to see, in iOS 11.

Manual Controls For The Camera app

Whether you’re a predominately Android user or iPhone user, you have to agree that the iOS camera app works great. Apple’s focus on delivering great quality images and video has always enabled it to stay probably one-step ahead of its Android rivals. However, where this falls down, is in manual operation, right now there are no manual controls. Apple has preprogrammed the software to do everything.

What we would like to see, is some control put back in the hands of the user. That could be in the form of a manual mode, where the white balance, ISO, and other options could be adjusted. Will this happen? It’s possible; there is already portrait mode and x1 optical zoom.

Customisable Notifications Center

We previously touched upon the Control Centre earlier, in iOS 10, it received an update. It went from one swipe up to access panel to three, making it awkward to use. You can now toggle quick settings, control music, and media playback, and control smart home devices.

However, for our liking, this is a little overcomplicated, Apple should have focussed on keeping things simple. And we hope, that with iOS 11, it will see the error of its way’s and corrected it. How? Possibly by removing the need to side swipe, to get to media controls. Instead, the Today Screen there, this would become a place to add widgets, music controls, and more. All of which would be available at the swipe of a finger.

Select Third-Party Apps As Default

Pick up your iPhone and take a look at its Home Screen, for the majority, there will be no Apple default apps. Meaning, you’ve probably chosen to use Gmail instead of the default email app and so on.

The problem with iOS 10, is that while it does give third-party apps the ability to plug into default apps. You still can’t choose to select any none Apple apps as default. One example of Apple’s stubbornness is with the dialer app; there are better out there, you just can’t use them as default. This is something, which with iOS 11, we feel has to change, Apple can no longer keep forcing poor apps on its users. It’s time a little extra customizability crept into the mobile OS.

Siri Overhaul

Back in 2011, Siri was a wonder; you could ask her/him depending on the voice questions and get an answer. At that time, it was awesome; however, times have changed, and people expect more from their smartphone assistant. To start with, how about a voice that could be mistaken for a real live person? The technology certainly exists, and if rumors are correct, it’s something Apple is working on with a UK based team of programmers.

However, the voice is relatively superficial, what we’d rather see is improved third-party app integration. The ability to order food, and control an iOS 11 based device with your voice would be fantastic. Imagine, Siri, order me a Cab. Is that possible? We don’t know, however, surely someone somewhere is working on just that.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have them, four improvements which we hope will come to iOS 11. Let’s hope that the soon to be revealed mobile OS has everyone at WWDC 2017 event in awe of Apple’s software mastery. And not, despairing at just a few minor tweaks, which don’t offer improvements in overall customizability.

Darren is a proud father of two and a dedicated mobile technology writer from the UK. He's been writing about all things mobile, wearable, apps and anything else tech related for many years now for various sites all over the world.
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