iOS 11 Concept Video Shows Some Great Features On iPad

iOS 10, is undoubtedly a solid mobile OS effort from Apple. However, not all users of this firmware have been overly enamored with it. Who are these people? They are the dedicated iPad users, who believed the Cupertino company’s line about the tablet being the future of personal computing. However, for them, 2016’s OS, failed to improve on OS 9, focussing too much on iPhone users and lifestyle enhancements. Will iOS 11 be any different? Federico Viticci and Sam Beckett certainly hope so. They have teamed up to create a concept video, which details what they hope to see.

iOS 11

According to Federico, who has been using the iPad as his main computer your years. “Apple has failed to deliver anything new and truly bold for the iPad platform as a whole for at least two years.” In fact, this can be seen to be a direct cause of the decline in sales for the tablet. And Apple’s apparent lack of enthusiasm is putting the iPad at the center of personal computing concept at risk. Possibly even leaving the door open for rivals like Microsoft to reinvent the space for themselves.

You only have to look at the success it has had with its Surface line of tablets, to see this is true. Business users are flocking to Microsoft, and Apple is still wondering what to do.

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So, it’s time for Apple to step up its game, meaning, iOS 11, must offer users better multitasking. And be a redefinition of computing for the multitouch era, that is specifically crafted for the iPad. Now, this is where the designs and hopes of Viticci and Beckett come in, as they believe with iOS 11, Apple has the chance to pick up where it left off with iOS 9 and take the iPad in a new direction. And as such, their concept video shows in detail what may be possible. Here’s a breakdown of a few of its highlights.

The Shelf

Imagine a dedicated clipboard manager like tool on your iPad, how useful would such a tool be? Well, that’s what The Shelf is, it’s initially out of sight at the top of the screen. To access it, you pull down from the top to reveal snippets of data. Right now, with iOS 10, iPad user have no such feature. However, Mac users do, they can drag anything they want and place it into an information manager like tool for later reference.

As for iOS 11, Viticci and Beckett believe this area at the top of the screen is a necessity. The OS needs somewhere that users on iPad can place information and content without an immediate destination. Meaning that along with a new drag & drop feature users can clip anything for later viewing.

System Wide Drag & Drop

Earlier version os iOS have incorporated limited forms of Drag & Drop, which has already proven it to be useful. Currently, the likes of Safari tabs and iMessage Stickers are capable. But, again in their concept video, Viticci and Beckett show how they envisage a system-wide Drag & Drop feature would be of benefit.

Now, too many, the Drag & Drop feature is seen as a legacy of the PC only era. One that required a mouse or touchpad to manipulate content on the screen, meaning the mouse would become an extension of the hand. However, Viticci believes such a feature on the iPad would be natural, a powerful tool which would aid in multitasking. Additionally, he thinks, it would be immediately intuitive.

The concept video shows, iOS 11 with the feature, giving users the ability to select a piece of content. That could be some text, a link, an image, or a document, and with the addition of a long-press, the content can be moved.

iOS 11 Concept Video

Want to find out exactly what Viticci and Becket’s idea’s have to offer? Take a look at the video below; it’s probably the best concept video we’ve ever seen for iOS. However, if you want to read their entire breakdown of each feature, read their article on the matter. The link to it is at the bottom of this page.

Final Thoughts

Does Apple take notice of concept videos like the one above? We assume individual employee’s of the company do; they probably pass on information internally. Although, how far beyond a conversation these videos can influence the features of iOS 11, we don’t know.

So, while these are great ideas, we just have to hope that Apple is already planning on taking iOS to the next level. Unlike with iOS 10, it can not focus only on future iPhone 8 users; the iPad has to be taken into consideration too. Does that mean there’s a team of iPad developers working on iOS 11 trying to come up with focussed iPad features? Again we don’t know, but, if the tablet is to be the future of personal computing, there should be.