Published on May 18, 2017

A Q&A and presentation with billionaire investor, Howard Marks. In this presentation Howard discusses how he invests and what lessons he has learnt throughout his career. Howard covers topics ranging from risk to investment philosophy and much more.

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Video Segments:
0:00 Introduction
2:43 Second level thinking
3:50 You cannot predict, but you can protect
5:45 Start of Q&A
7:38 Does the price you pay matter?
12:30 Start of presentation
12:46 Most investors cannot see the future
16:20 Randomness
17:14 Knowing the Knowable
18:04 Aggressive or defensive
18:59 Buying assets for less than they are worth
23:45 How do I know if no one else does
24:49 Investors framework has shrunk
25:42 Emotion
29:01 Contrarian behaviour
30:45 Efficient market hypothesis
34:12 Reflexivity
35:20 A philosophy that you can stick to in tough times
39:56 Loosing clients
43:17 The ability to preserve
44:10 Risk
49:45 Quant investing
50:58 The skill of a manager

Interview Date: 2nd March, 2017
Event: CFA Society India
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