Learn the tricks to master Google Analytics

Learn the tricks to master Google Analytics
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Google Analytics, a powerful tool for  web analytics and a master key to a successful digital presence. It is extremely important for a website manager to know the type of visitor it receives, data on the type of resources they access and other relevant factors; in order to improve their website performance and to cater to a larger number of audience.

Most Google Analytics account holders have been observed to be looking at the top layer of this powerful tool, and this includes looking at numbers which signify the number of views and visitors, but there is much more to this free yet amazing analytics tool. Features that can provide you an insight of visitors, they activities and demands; and thus enabling the webmaster to enhance their website experience. Here are a few handy tips and tricks that would allow you to get the most out of Google Analytics tools.

Site speed monitoring

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An impressive feature of Google Analytics is the Site Speed, which allows the user to monitor the load time of the website and its resources. This is an important element as it can affect the user experience and ranking in the web search results.

A responsive site can earn you grace points and thus boost the website on the search engine’s ranking index. Other important measures like Page Views and Average page load time can help you optimize your website performance. The Map overlay function would help you plot the load speed against different geographical regions, allowing you to focus your resources efficiently.

Enhance your site relevance with Site Search

The Site Search feature monitors the keywords and searches performed by the visitors during their visit to the website. This is an essential parameter because it shows what are is the target audience actually looking for on the website, and having a list of keywords used by the visitors can help enhance your Search Engine Optimization scheme. This can help drive more traffic to your website. For a product driven website, this would enable you to attract potential clients by using the relevant keywords in your description, improving sales.

Mobile device report is a plus

In the present technology market, the mobile phone has replaced almost every other electronic device and has presented itself as an all in one platform for any business. The mobile devices have turned out to the major traffic on the digital marketing platform.

The Google Analytics provides the webmaster with the ability to track the various aspects of mobile marketing and presents the performance results. From visit duration and pages per visit, to the kinds of devices that were used to access the respective sites. Furthermore, one can access the means through which the website was accessed, as in was it through a social media platform, web search or direct access.

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