Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Gives Commencement Speech At Harvard


Facebook Inc (FB) CEO Mark Zuckerberg never actually graduated from Harvard, but he’s giving the commencement speech at the university today and picking up an honorary degree while he’s there. Zuckerberg’s visit to Harvard is certainly a memorable one, as he also took a last look at the dorm room where he coded Facebook Inc (FB), all the while sharing stories about his college life via a Facebook Live video.

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Two weeks to code Facebook (FB)

Mark Zuckerberg lived in Room H33 at Kirkland House on the campus of Harvard University in 2004. When he returned for his Facebook Live video earlier this week, it was the first time he had been there since dropping out of school more than a decade ago. He showed off the desk where he sat with the “little laptop” he used to program the first version of what would eventually become the world’s largest social network. He also recalled staying up all night as he did it and eating like a typical college kid: microwaved Hot Pockets. More than 10 years later, he has a virtual butler at his home called Jarvis.

Zuckerberg also showed where Chris Hughes and Dustin Moskovitz, who cofounded the company with him, and his then-girlfriend Priscilla Chan lived. He and his wife shared some stories like about when he created the FaceSmash website, which nearly got him expelled. He called it a “prank” that was “also a little bit in poor taste,” as it was a website that let people compare others’ appearances.

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Mark Zuckerberg speaks on sense of purpose at Harvard

Despite the fact that he nearly got expelled and actually ended up dropping out, Mark Zuckerberg was the featured speaker at Harvard’s commencement today. Interestingly, he donned a suit and tie rather than the trademark hoodie he usually wears to the office.

In his speech, he admitted that it was easier for him to start a successful business because he had a cushion to fall back on in case he failed so he wasn’t spending a lot of time worrying. He also admitted to having the benefit of free time to learn how to code when he was younger rather than having to work to support his family.

He spoke out for equality and called on Harvard graduates to volunteer their time and give money to good causes. He called for graduates to find their sense of purpose and to help others find their sense of purpose and even said that he should pay to help others and so should the Harvard graduates who are successful and do well.

A national tour

Today’s speech at Harvard comes after a sort of national tour, according to WBUR. He traveled the country just meeting people and listening to what they had to say, much in the way a politician tries to do when they go out stumping on a bus tour. Some speculated (or hoped maybe) again that Mark Zuckerberg is preparing to run for public office, but he said in a Facebook post over the weekend that he isn’t running for president.

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