Billionaire Henry Kravis: The Future Of Private Equity Investing

Henry Kravis
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A interview and Q&A with billionaire and Co-CEO of private equity giant KKR, Henry Kravis. In this interview Henry talks about how private equity has changed and where he predicts it will go. Henry also talks about the rise of growth equity investing in private equity and unicorn companies.

Video Segments:
0:00 Introduction
0:21 Donald Trump said you would be a good treasury secretary
0:45 When you are looking at a deal, how do you look out for disruption in that industry?
4:32 Is a IPO of First Data on the horizon?
5:13 Why are you entering the growth equity/Venture capital market?
8:00 Do you think the deals are in a bubble?
9:22 Would you buy a index of unicorn companies?
10:32 Is a growth equity fund coming?
12:15 Paying the tech peoples salary?
12:50 Did you learn anything new when KKR went public?
15:24 Are the concerns of tech CEOs about going public legitimate fears?
16:25 How much of a technologist are you?
17:16 Investing with Iconiq
18:29 How do you get a feel of good culture at a company?
23:43 In the next 12 months will we see a $10 billion buyout?
24:22 Start of Q&A
24:37 Over the past 25 years, what have you had to give up to be more successful in investing?

Interview Date: 21st July, 2015
Event: Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech
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Billionaire Henry Kravis: The Future Of Private Equity Investing

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