Bill Of Rights – “If You Can Keep It…”

Bill Of Rights – “If You Can Keep It…”
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On September 17, 1787 on the final day of the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, Benjamin Franklin was approached by a woman as he walked out of Independence Hall.

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“Well Doctor, what have we got– a republic, or a monarchy?” she asked.

It was a burning question on everyone’s mind: what form of government would the Constitutional delegates establish for the new country?

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Franklin didn’t hesitate. “A republic– if you can keep it.”

(The exchange was noted by Maryland delegate James McHenry and included in the Records of the Federal Convention of 1787.)

Franklin’s answer spoke volumes.

The Constitutional Convention had just ended, and it had been a bitter four months as the delegates fought and argued over every single word in the draft.

Factions had developed. Some delegates wanted a federal government with absolute power. Others wanted fewer guaranteed liberties for individuals.

Franklin knew that the representative government he had worked so hard to establish was incredibly fragile, and that it could easily slip away.

It was the same fight two years later when the 1st United States Congress fought over whether or not to establish a Bill of Rights.

As one delegate wrote, “Bill of Rights– useful, but not essential.”

Once again, after months of bitter arguments, Congress finally reached a compromise in September 1789, approving ten Constitutional amendments that guaranteed certain freedoms for the people.

More than two centuries later it’s clear that most of what they worked to achieve has completely changed.

The First Amendment, which ensures that Congress can make no law restricting freedom of speech, press, religion, and peaceable assembly, has become almost a punch line.

Ironically the greatest assault on Free Speech today doesn’t even come from government, but from university students who protest against any ideas they find offensive.

Violence on university campuses is now common as students come out of their Safe Spaces to physically obstruct and violently impede controversial speakers.

Any statement that doesn’t conform to their very narrow agenda is now considered hate speech.

And it’s the students themselves who want any sign of dissent banned, and more mandatory indoctrination of their newspeak ideology.

Then there’s the Second Amendment, which guarantees “the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

This one seems to be under fire on a regular basis, with mainstream media from Rolling Stone to Vanity Fair calling for its outright repeal.

The Third Amendment guarantees that no soldier shall be quartered in any home without the consent of the owner.

This seems almost a quaint, obsolete historical reference at this point given that the US military hasn’t had to be housed among the civilian population… ever.

So, OK, great. The Third Amendment is still in-tact.

Then there’s the Fourth Amendment, which ensures “the Right of the People to be secure in their houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated.”

Forget it. The federal government spends tens of billions of dollars each year to illegally spy on EVERYONE, including Americans and American allies. This one is a total joke.

The Fifth Amendment is a big one.

It ensures that no one can be held to answer for a crime, including a felony, without grand jury indictment.

This protection died a few years ago when Barack Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012, which authorized the military detention of US citizens on US soil, no due process required.

The Fifth Amendment also famously protects against self-incrimination, ensuring that an individual cannot be called as a witness against himself.

This provision is also gone, considering that legal precedent now exists for police to force you to give up your mobile phone or computer password.

The Sixth Amendment guarantees due process, that in a criminal trial, “the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury. . .”

This is now a complete farce given the widespread use of top-secret FISA courts, military detention facilities, and drone-strike assassinations.

The Seventh Amendment guarantees the right to a jury trial if there’s a dispute over property that exceeds $20.

Now, the $20 threshold might be a little bit outdated (not that there’s any inflation!)

But considering that the government has stolen billions of dollars worth property from Americans through Civil Asset Forfeiture in recent years, all without a trial, it seems the Seventh Amendment isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.

Then there’s the Eight Amendment, which protects against “cruel and unusual punishment.”

I thought about this one the other day when I was walking through the terminal at DFW International Airport.

A sign caught my eye that as prominent displayed on an emergency exit door, warning passers-by that opening the door was a violation of the law and subject to up to one year in prison.

I was dumbfounded. A year in prison for opening a door?

People go to jail and do hard time for smoking certain plants (but not others), failing to file tax forms, and a number of completely obscure and innocuous crimes.

There were four federal crimes when the Constitution was ratified. Today there are thousands. On any given day you and I probably commit several of them without even knowing. And each comes with absolutely insane penalties.

The reality is that you cannot even apply for a passport anymore in the Land of the Free without being threatened with fines and imprisonment.

Last were the Ninth and Tenth Amendments, which were supposed to limit the power of the federal government in favor of the states and the people.

Those went out the window a LONG time ago, especially after 9/11.

Look, don’t get me wrong: I’m not suggesting that America is some vicious, brutal dictatorship. It’s not.

But anyone who has the courage to be honest and objective can see the obvious decay.

Benjamin Franklin’s warning is coming true. And the trend is accelerating.

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  1. Once before in mentioning that the only people have want to remove firearms rights and hence the right to self defense and defense of property and family are those that seek to extort others, those being fascists and monarchies.
    Many forms of A.K.A. “power” are removed and prevented form the people and money is no measure of granting a point beyond ordinary people unless they are actually at work not retired.
    Once before i criticized the fact Australia and any of Britain’s commonwealths are reluctant to allow technology design and development or to “help” in the development of operative lifestyle or recreation with an object called a light air craft and easier to show it, an ultralight.
    In the following article about a recent Australian air crash (while “A form of” ultralight , the word used to describe the aircraft is a misnomer regarding license and cost),
    Pilot found dead with wreckage of missing plane near Murwillumbah
    This rant is a part of the argument of what becomes of a political system and the peoples power if rights to self protection, and protection of property are not in the hands of the people by right to physical force and argument against government.

    The aircraft is 600Kg recreational license and referred to as an Ultra-Light which happens to be a serious misnomer and misleading.
    While it is an ultralight, it requires a special license that costs around 10,000 dollars minimum to be teached , tested then approved.
    It is also only allowed usable within 25 miles (50 miles diameter) of the point of takeoff, and during visual usage only.
    It does not classify as “the point” of ultralight, an ultralight is a small low powered aircraft that does not require a pilots license, but it should also be solid enough to be safe.
    The method by which anything is got rid of from personal citizen power is by cost or making the specification inefficient . The weight restraint for proper ultralight is so small it puts it into both cost inefficiency because high tech composite parts require to be used to have high level of stress fracture safety with low weight or very low usage and high overhead of continual replacement of tensile stress parts.
    Not only this, non license ultralight are not allowed to fly over any public road!
    The idea as usual is that it gets only the useless alike a retard going around in circles alike a fly and attracts few people to understand a critical point of more effective transport as an ordinary citizen.
    Cattle farms sometimes use ultralight to herd cattle and sheep in remote areas.
    These stiflers and deprivers of life expect “someone” to supply and develop these aircraft and are extremely happy to import but hate allowing there own people the power of this type of skill and the leverage.
    Technically for countries alike Australia, an actual light aircraft itself should be as good as a hatch-back or SUV car and no different of cost because of how common that system should be.
    Time and time again the whole sensible presentation of such an idea is silenced.
    (The following is a TOTALLY SEPARATE SYSTEM from current light aircraft, flight rules and laws that interconnect with airports and commercial airspace – it is designed to replace “as a way of life” long haul car driving over hundreds of Kilometers of highway as business or social or conference travel).

    DRIVING LONG DISTANCE IN A CAR – FATIGUE KILLS – FATIGUE TORTURES – FATIGUE COSTS – FATIGUE WASTES TIME – DRIVING A CAR WASTES TIME (Airlines are not flexible enough and with the below can probably make more money trading flights and commercial large machines for rental and lease – I CANNOT SEE THEM LOSING ONE TINY CENT IN CONVERSION INCLUSIVE SHAKE UP OF STAFF TO RETRAIN AND RELOCATE PURPOSE) !!!!
    In he US gun debate the pro guns used the argument “because cars kill huge numbers of people , ban cars” the anti-gun used the argument “cars are licensed to make driving safe by drivers , so license guns”,
    However, if anything did the killing with motor vehicles it is not an extraordinary point that the world around the main way people get killed is “FATIGUE”.
    They are simply too tired to continue driving but continue until they are a mangled wreck.
    I drove along a highway in the mid 1980’s(and earlier) called the “Hume Highway in Australia New South Wales”. It was notorious for head on crashes for half a century for two reasons, one is “the width” of the two opposing direction lanes for 600Km is too narrow for not only trucks(semi) but simply cars also for much of it! The other is fatigue was the major cause, businessmen or travelers going long distances required physical fitness for the condition of the surface as much sensible nights rest.
    There were mangled wreck after wreck being cleaned away every time you drove the mostly 200-350Km i drove between Sydney or Canberra and an isolated inland city.
    The journey itself from Sydney or to Sydney is “five hours” by road.
    But, by aircraft it is 2 hours or less.
    Over the past 30 years most driver awareness public advertisements are aimed at “driver fatigue” with the slogan “Stop Revive Survive” with shock treatment of the result at falling asleep at the wheel of the vehicle.

    As far back as the 1980’s i had said that if an aircraft were capable of 200Km/h (107 Knots) that with ground travel to a “public air-highway port”(a concept that does not actually exist) for light aircraft the whole journey may take only “one and a half hours” !
    In Australia, to gain a basic light aircraft pilots license costs around 40,000 dollars,”a light aircraft second hand” that can carry four people costs around 50,000 to 100,000.
    During a combination drought and recession in the late 1980’s and 90’s the same concept came to me again and the only trouble was modern technology , however, “only quite!”.
    It required methods similar to Airbus computerization, not that it isn’t all manual and visual flight as the idea for the license.
    The key to it was to commit an action of key cities and smaller cites of economic purpose and repute for local industry used in the state to build “public air-highway ports” with parking for both car and aircraft.
    The actual use of the “personal light aircraft” is
    ONLY by beacon tracking by the pilot from take-off to landing during daylight for flight no more than 2-3 hours that allows a good 400Km-500Km range.
    During the recession and drought thousands of people could displace themselves under much less stress fast to another location cheaply with this being a point to point system with diversion and joy-flighting totally illegal, “exactly alike being on a 4 lane high speed ground road highway” !

    The first time i mentioned this was when i went to the motor vehicle registry office to apply for a learner driving permit, and i realized the quantity of money went into some of the registry buildings in some areas and cities, they were expensive 10’s of million dollar whole 100 acre concrete complexes for teaching and testing at all levels, “immense” and may be better spent on “air-highway port system” because the killer is FATIGUE in vehicles that is impossible to beat economically otherwise!
    Hence technology too now was transistor and well past valves by 10 years(least ways around here by 10 years).
    Technology for beacons need not actually be in the quality of proper commercial air service, radio and positioning niether as all the routes and altitude for the air-highway would not be a problem. If they could spend that on a police car they can spend it on a police light aircraft.
    No more difficult than the SS in WW2 searching for spies by triangulation. In the 1980’s UHF 477Mhz CB two way radio existed with 10 channel duplex, technology for computing may have been the only deficit.
    The smart phone app, and VPN internet would be able to make that difference now for weather data, route submission, and inclusive as liken to frivolous, transponder information.
    While this would only be allowed to occur and operate in good weather the immense leverage for unemployed whom often make money as casual workers or seasonal workers when they must move around.
    [ To understand the aircraft better, this is to a X-breed of a “fighter aircraft(“speed mainly/most” and some safety strength replaces maneuver G-force) with a freighter aircraft(robust powerful)” as specialty , as tis to STOL aircraft or Cessna caravan ]
    The type of aircraft “to be constructed” would be, “CARRIES” 220Kg(2 person plus fuel weight full) 440Kg(4 person plus fuel weight full) and 660Kg(6 person plus fuel weight full) 1 person = 110Kg rated(trade off for luggage weight).
    This would all be a bare minimum for non instrument flying(although the compass is required for basic safety), the beacon equipment would not be matched into the light aircraft system neither the communication radio have ability in the “air band radio spectrum” of the country, it is all made for POINT TO POINT AIR-HIGHWAY a kind of vague tis to “TOGA” in an Airbus system metaphorically.

    The engine, and carriage frame system as any of it is designed to be cheap and scrapped after 10 years use alike cars, however the difference between the modern light aircraft is none of joints and strength compromised by expensive composite or alloy, it is a more brutal and cheaper but totally effective structure tensile achieved that “will burn more fuel” (because of design weight), but the aircraft is “only to go (at speed of 200Kmh(not less than) – 300Kmh (more the better with-in reason) ) 3 hours ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM to head wind” with-and “45 minute reserve extra” at start with-as complete weight including its’ two fuel tanks.

    A feature of the training and the design is definite cost lowering, e.g. “four blade propeller” that “does not change blade/bat pitch angle”, so torsion compromise needs to be put into the design for various weight configurations as the aircraft is(usually) privately owned and serve as many purpose as the owner wishes to commit for travel and freight personally.

    A “public air-highway port” requires to control(simple coherence and breath test) pilot health prior to takeoff, weight restriction with a scale and clearance to takeoff (but not for landing – landing is a queue and known to the controllers by transponder proximity).
    While a person needs to learn to fly (exactly the same physics and control mechanisms as a proper normal light aircraft), “it would(and should be made to be) be no more difficult or expensive than” getting a license at a ground vehicle driving school (ordinary manual car).
    If the person operates their license well enough to 25 years of age they should get government subsidy to learn to fly at private proper unrestricted flight in normal basic light aircraft flight system.
    When the initial economic system of key cities and towns is completed, then mechanisms to change altitude and peel of as an intersection to small town air-highway ports.
    Note: features of the aircraft lighting system can be extremely “automotive” by design standard but special points on it are to help understand its distance and direction at any angle(take a look at toy drones LEDs).
    The point of it is easy to identify and understand its application with inbuilt beacon drift warning for the pilot, stall warnings for speed and altitude and attitude angle, and fuel warning.
    In essence you would be simply the whole system is alike switching to controls of an aircraft to drive along a road directly from point a to b with a little low speed intersection and driveway operation !
    You metamorphosis a simplified aircraft into something alike a miniaturized personal airliner, much alike the long distance drives that kill people over 100’s of Km’s each night!
    The electronic technology is here now with weather for calculation by computer to acknowledge whether the aircraft can take-off to travel the distance before night fall (maximum 3 allowed flight with 2 hours junction break, then only 2 hours further p/day), ETA with wind and planet rotation … can all be done by check-in computers instantly by smart phone app or PC and drag and drop rego number and air-highway port code, all calculated instantly !
    Only basic coherence tests and breath test are required.
    Unlike airlines , computerized cancel(takeoff) is a whim, nobodies business but their own, whether they leave or go-back , IT ALL OPERATES “SIMILAR TO” GET YOUR(or lease or rental) CAR OUT OF THE GARAGE!!!.
    Behind it is “management principal” for timing , its a minor change in transport systems to work it.
    Consider what fatigue costs economically and HOW IT OCCURS.
    It alone may be able to finance the system.

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