Apple Watch Series 2: How To Remove “Now Playing” From Dock

Apple Watch Series 2: How To Remove “Now Playing” From Dock
Image By Sheeraz Raza

With the Apple Watch Series 2, and watchOS 3, at last Apple has a competent and versatile wearable. A device that boasts new features, including iOS-like notifications and more, meaning Android watches finally have some competition. Of these new features, probably the most notable is the Dock. It allows you to find and switch between your favorite apps quickly. What’s more, it is easily called upon with the press of a side button. However, when it comes to removing apps, specifically “Now Playing” from the Dock, users are experiencing problems.

As such, in the following tutorial, we will guide you through the process of removing an app, and discuss “Now Playing”.

Apple Watch Series 2 – How To Remove Now Playing From Dock

Fortunately removing an app from the Dock is a simple process, following each step below we will show you how to.

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1. Begin by Pressing the Side Button, this will open the Dock on your Apple Watch Series 2.

2. Next, with the app in question, for the purpose of this tutorial, that is Now Playing, Swipe Up on the app.

3. One you have completed the above, you will be presented with an X, Tap It to remove the application.

Now for the moment Now Playing will be removed from your Apple Watch Series 2 Dock. However, it is apparent that Apple’s app developers designed this particular app to remain ever present. Why is that?

The Now Playing Problem

While the above tutorial will remove the app in question temporarily. As soon as you listen to music on your connected watch or iPhone, the app will reappear in the dock. You can look through the apps list, and it won’t be there, even rearranging apps won’t help.

The problem with this is, some users have reported that they think Now Playing is causing battery drain. And for that reason, they demand that Apple provides a way for permanently remove it. Unfortunately, right now, the Cupertino-based outfit is not providing a solution, which means you must ignore it.

Now, fortunately, there is a way for you to determine if it is causing the same battery drain for you. Follow the instructions below.

How To Disable Background App Refresh

Why do the following? By targeting each of the apps installed on your Apple Watch Series 2, and disabling their background refresh. You will be able to quickly determine if Now Playing or another app is causing you problems.

1. On your connected iPhone, go to Watch >> General >> Background App Refresh.

Next, you have two options:

2-a. Turn off all app Background Refreshes using the On/Off Toggle.

2-b Alternatively, you can Switch off Updates to Third-party apps which could be trouble causing.

Final Thoughts

Ok, so you now know how to remove apps from your Apple Watch Series 2, and for the moment ” Now Playing” is gone too. The problem, as we’ve touched on above is, it “Will” reappear, which for some is irritating. Is there a complete solution, one which will not see the app haunt you?

Unfortunately not, as its a fundamental part of WatchOS 3, however, that being said we will continue to search for a permanent solution.

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