Can Android Go For Cheap Phones Help Google With Its ‘Next Billion’?

Can Android Go For Cheap Phones Help Google With Its ‘Next Billion’?
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Google previously came up with a hardware solution in the form of Android One to capture its “next billion.” The $100 phone came with the best possible specs for that price point, but it failed to make a mark. Now the company has a new plan to reach the “next billion,” but this time it’s more on the software side.

How Google made Android Go special

Android Go was an unexpected surprise for fans who were waiting for more details on Android O. It did, however, assure them that it is working on making the user experience better at the low end. Android Go is the lightweight version of the upcoming Android O with optimized apps and the Play Store, notes TechCrunch. It has been made specifically for smartphones with 1GB or less in RAM, so it will be more useful in emerging markets.

Google’s new Android version is meant to be optimized to run smoothly on entry-level devices, so apps like Chrome, Gboard and YouTube Go are being redesigned to use less memory, storage space, and mobile data. For instance, the Data Saver feature will be turned on by default in Chrome, and the YouTube Go app will come with a preview function, giving the user an idea of how much data will be used while watching a video. The app will also allow users to save videos for viewing later. Other Google apps will also come with similar features, and mobile carriers will help too by allowing the user to keep track of data, calls and texts.

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