Windows 10 NEON Project Screenshot Shows How The Start Menu May Look

Windows 10 NEON Project Screenshot Shows How The Start Menu May Look
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Microsoft is no different to any other provider when it comes to updating its software. The company is always looking to make progress and in turn, provide its users with an UI that not only meets their requirements. But also has them coming back to use it regularly, as such an update known as the Windows 10 NEON Project is expected to arrive later this year. However, if the company wanted to keep it under wraps, a new leaked screenshot has revealed what its start menu might look like.

Windows 10 Neon Project

While Neon is to come, last week we saw the rollout of the Creator update. Which goes to show that Microsoft isn’t finished adding new features to Windows 10. As for the future and the Windows 10 Neon Project, it’s apparent focus is on redesigning the user interface. Making it prettier, sleeker, and more 21st century. Something won’t be a bad thing considering the often bland feel many have complained about tirelessly.

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Start Menu Screenshot

Now, while screenshots of a possible future design of Windows 10 have leaked before, this time we have something new. Never before have we seen what the company feels/wants its Start Menu to look like. So, these screenshots posted to Twitter via the account of Tom Hounsell are of great inspiration, and comfort to many. Meaning that they know Microsoft isn’t happy with the status Quo and wants to improve the Windows 10 experience.

What’s New?

Thanks to Hounsel, it’s clear to see that Microsoft is at least experimenting with transparency effects. It seems as though the idea is to incorporate them into Live Tiles on the Start Menu, which looks fantastic. However, these aren’t images of the final outcome of the Windows 10 Neon Project, so we should cross our fingers that it happens. After all, an update to the way Microsoft‘s front door chooses to display its apps and services has been required for some time. We’re just happy to see these screenshots; fingers crossed it makes it past testing.

However, according to the Verge, which has insider access at Microsoft, the Transparency effects seen in the screenshots is a concept idea. Something which it has been working on for a while, but, not something that will definitely make it.


Other than transparency effects, there’s a new icon that has people talking. And that’s for SnapChat; however, some have called it a placeholder. Preferring to suggest it doesn’t mean Microsoft is considering using it, if that were true why use the SnapChat icon at all? Instead, we think SnapChat will/could appear via the Windows 10 Neon Project; however, we will have to wait for more details.

So, from the above, we can deduce that all of the recent Windows 10 leaks are concept ideas. And as such, may or may not make it to the final Windows 10 Neon Project release, yes, some will make it. However, which ones they will be (we’re hoping for this Start Menu update) is not yet known, and is unlikely to be until near release.

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